My Lenten promise

I haven’t made a Lenten promise since high school and now only loosely identify with the religious aspects of being Catholic, but I’m all for Holidays and structured dates, so I’m following Fat Bridesmaid’s lead to create my own personal challenge for Lent.

First, a little Lent history.

Lent is the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter. It represents the time Jesus spent leading up to his crucifiction and resurrection. Traditionally, the 40 days are spent fasting (which has since evolved to not eating meat on Fridays), doing penance and prayer. It’s a season of reflection and recommitment to one’s faith.

In my family, each of us would commit to giving up something and commit to doing a consistent act of good. For example, I’d give up candy or gum in honor of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. And I’d do community service, volunteer to help my grandmother with chores, promise not to argue with my siblings or do something else that represented the good he did for us.

In honor of this tradition and my own recommitment to weight loss (and faith in myself), this year I’m giving up something and incorporating a new habit into my life:
I commit to adding 15 minutes of yoga or stretching daily (beyond my normal bare-bones pre- and post- workout routine). Special thanks to Women’s Health magazine for this nice and easy yoga routine I can do at home.
I also intend to give up setting unrealistic expectations of myself and my weight loss. Instead of focusing on long-term goals, I will set mini goals that are achievable and strategic.
Thanks to FB for the brilliant idea!
BTW, Lent starts Wednesday, February 25th and runs through April 11th.

5 responses to “My Lenten promise

  1. Obviously you never succeeded at your lent promise: promise not to argue with my siblings… I don’t remember 40 days of no arguing back at that time period.. 😉

  2. Val… I needed to keep my options open. I cannot commit to avoiding fights with you 😛

  3. Yay! I’m glad I won’t be the only one slogging along through the exercise for Lent! Good luck girl! You can do it!!!

  4. FB: Thanks for posting! Nope… this is the only way I’ll get stretching into my routine. After 6 months of rehab for a back injury I HATE stretching, but I know I need it. So, don’t be offended if my participation in the TBL Liveblog is interrupted by Downward Facing Dogs.

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