My Lenten Promise

I jumped onto FatBridesmaids Lenten Challenge train earlier this month. It’s the third day in, and my caboose is already threatening to jump the tracks.

My promise was this:

I commit to adding 15 minutes of yoga or stretching daily (beyond my normal bare-bones pre- and post- workout routine). Special thanks to Women’s Health magazine for this nice and easy yoga routine I can do at home.
I also intend to give up setting unrealistic expectations of myself and my weight loss. Instead of focusing on long-term goals, I will set mini goals that are achievable and strategic.
Day 1 passed and I had completely forgotten about the stretching. I did them on day 2, largely because I scheduled it in my Palm. LOL. Day 3 (today) was a stretch day success because I did it after my morning workout.
The second promise was going pretty well. I mostly avoided mid-week unofficial WIs, knowing that my weight fluctuates so much depending on whether I ate out (sodium), weight lifted (lactic acid build up?) or hormones (lovely, lovely bloating). But, Friday is WI day. And the scale was up. Only 0.8lbs, but that shifted my weight into the next decade of scary numbers that I am so so SO tired of seeing on the scale, so I had to have a major attitude check with myself this morning. Yes–a come to Jesus meeting with my, myself and I, in honor of Lent. And that’s just not easy when I’m tired, it’s morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet. And it’s irritating when blogger friends brag about not exercising and eating out several times during the week and they still lose 2 lbs. TWO FREAKIN’ POUNDS! My body wouldn’t even do that on a good week when I’m totally on plan.
So–rant over–I made myself have an ohm moment while stretching at the gym this morning:
I can’t compare myself to others.
I can only do my best.
Oh… and I’m kicking myself in the @ss for consuming too much sodium, not enough water and not enough sleep this week. It makes made a difference.
Next week will be different.
PS–Seen on the way back from the gym: a middle aged man taking out the trash in camo boxer briefs. I was on a fairly busy road, right next to the school bus depot, a gas station and a Dunkin Donuts. Cover up, dude! It’s cold!

6 responses to “My Lenten Promise

  1. Your lent goal should be eating something before the gym… even if it’s only an apple.. you really need something…. you’ll get better morning workouts in… which might get you down .8 pounds instead of up…

  2. According to Body-For-Life, you should do cardio on an empty stomach so you burn your fat stores instead of the food you just ate. I usually don’t get hungry til I’ve been up for an hour anyway. I’m eating better than I’ve ever eaten before (aside from the sodium this week), so I don’t think that’s it.

  3. Body for Life goes against every other person… I know I work harder with something in my stomach then nothing in the morning…

  4. My trainer insist that I should eat something….a piece of fruit or even a glass of milk in the 1st hour I’m up to start the metabolism. We know it won’t be milk but I’ve been trying to put something in my mouth before my 9 a.m. breakfast. Will report back if it helps the weight loss.

  5. I’ve been there… recently in fact. Just keep doing your best, and it will pay off eventually! I think you have some great goals.

  6. Teener,
    stick with your body for life and what you know has worked for you. keep in mind, you are building your workouts back from having your surgery and you are probably putting on muscle again.
    You are doing awesome!!

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