Food Journal Photo Challenge: Day 5

Yup… it’s another day of food journaling via photo thanks to Krissie at Questions for Dessert.

I was thinking today was a sucky day, food-wise, but upon closer inspection, I see I got plenty of dairy, 4 servings of veggies, 1 serving of fruit, plenty of protein and not too much fat.


1 & 2. (7:30 am) No tea before the gym this morning. I decided to sleep in instead. Missed the teatime, but not the lower body weight workout. Legs. Hurt. Breakfast was pepperoni & mushroom omelet with low sugar strawberries & cream Quaker oatmeal plus a few fresh strawberries mixed in. Gotta admit, I’m finally getting tired of this omelet so I spruced it up with a bit o’ reduced sugar ketchup. For some reason, I was still hungry after this, so I indulged in a tablespoon of plain ole PB on my way out the door.

3. (9:30am) I had a handful of the sugar snap peas (raw) with my morning double tall nonfat latte, but decided I wasn’t hungry enough to eat the cereal and skim milk I packed. So, I had it for my afternoon snack instead.

(12:15-ish pm) Lunch was quick and between two meetings. I forgot to bring my camera and didn’t have my cell phone with me. It was: cheese pizza (1 slice, thin crust, whole wheat), 1 c. green beans dressed with a TBS of vinegar, 3oz grilled chicken breast and a “Balanced Way” oatmeal raisin cookie.

4.  (3:30pm) A 1c. blend of Trader Joe’s High Fiber Os and their Soy Protein cereal blend with 1 TBS chopped walnuts and 6oz of Skim Plus milk.

5. (6pm) Leftover roasted carrots, potatoes, asparagus and Cornish Hen.

6. (9pm-ish) I’m off to by boyfriend’s tonight. One of the last times I was there, we went grocery shopping for food I can eat (because he has traditional bachelor digs and typical bachelor nutrition–he’s more prone to shoveling in serving-sized bowls of Golden Grahams or Fruity Pepples and hasn’t yet had the come to Jesus moment when he realizes diet changes are necessary). So I will have one of those tasty peanut butter chocolate oat bars by Quaker–loaded with fiber & omega-3s–and a huge, hot cuppa jasmine green tea. (Photo obviously supplied by Quaker… I don’t really “stage” my food.)

Thanks Quaker–you rock my sweet tooth! I’d say “You’re the shit” but, well, these bars have 9 grams of fiber in them. Someone might take that literally.

Tomorrow is my free day. I don’t know what we have planned (don’t worry–you’ll still get pics), but after staying on track with food all week and being light on calories today, I’m not going to feel badly about indulging a little. Back on plan Sunday.

I am too tired to divide up my nutritional information by meal, but here is my total for the day:

  • 1532 calories
  • 42 g fat (24% of calories)
  • 185 g carbs (48% of calories)
  • 31 g fiber
  • 109 g protein (28% of calories)

One response to “Food Journal Photo Challenge: Day 5

  1. Oh wow, love your eats!

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