Food Journal Challenge: The Weekend

I am loving the fact that today is a snow day and I don’t have to work. I’m currently, sitting at my desk, Today show in view and cat on my lap, sipping coffee and digesting a late breakfast. It’s both beautiful and ugly outside. We have several inches of snow, but it’s hard to tell how much because the plows came through at 4am, waking me up by banging and scraping away any evidence of a blizzard, and then the winds started, blowing the pushed aside snow into mini dunes across the sidewalk and parking lot.

I’m hoping that today will be half committed to updating this blog, straightening up the house and working on one of that ever-growing list of household tasks I’d like to accomplish (today it might be washing the kitchen floor and reorganizing my files). The other half of the day is me time: hopefully, spent watching one of my Netflix rentals (The DaVinci Code, In Bruges & Hotel Rwanda–any suggestions?) and reading Wally Lamb’s “The Hour I First Believed.” I was getting through that book pretty quickly until some historical elements started dragging me down.

This weekend was great. Evan and I spent most of the day Saturday Clean Sweep-ing his room. One large box and about 9 bags later, his room was sparkly clean and had space! I got to set up a file system for him, we found a space to put away and keep safe memorabilia and collectables and there’s even enough space for me to safely set away my jewelry and hair tie at night. Because, really, I’ve lost several earrings since we first started dating. It was kind of annoying. We also put up a bulletin board where he can keep his ever-evolving work schedule, reminders for upcoming doc appointments and tickets to upcoming concerts and movie dates. Currently, our 8th row tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie (and Ra Ra Riot) are there as are tickets to see Watchman on IMAX Friday. Can’t wait for both!

Sunday, was a relaxing day. We went for an hour-long walk of Valley Forge Park and then stopped by Trader Joe’s where I stocked up on cereal, coffee, pre-sliced apples (for work snacks this week) and a few new products that look promising:

Valencia and Flax Peanut Butter: I actually grabbed crunchy without realizing it. I’m not sure if they have a creamy version of this, but it’s nice and thin, easily spreadable with an amazing peanutty taste.

2 TBS serving has 200 calories, 16g of fat, 5g carbs, 3 g fiber, 9 g protein and a whopping 25% of the daily value for Omega-3s.

Buffalo Jerky: great flavor and tastes deceptively indulgent.

1 oz serving has  60 calories, 0.5g fat, 6g carbs, 11g protein and is much lower in sodium than other jerky treats (280mg, compared to 400mg in the Oberto Turkey Jerky I had a few weeks ago).

I also bought some of that unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze that so many of y’all talk about.

Now… time for the weekend food journal, as inspired by krissie’s QuestionsforDessert Food Journal Challenge. If anything, the following photos will prove that sometimes planning goes out the window on the weekends.

Saturday: my free day. BFL philosophy is that one day a week is a day without exercise and food tracking. There are multiple purposes for this:

  • Giving a formal opportunity to “splurge” gives people on the plan the willpower to say no to midweek indulgences.
  • Having a higher calorie day every once in awhile prevents the metabolism from shifting into dieting mode and making it more difficult to lose weight.
  • Everyone needs a break once in awhile.

Unfortunately, even though I did great on calorie and carb/protein balances this week, I snuck in treats every once in awhile throughout the week (ie: the “Balanced Way” cookies at lunch), which really isn’t on plan.

Saturday is usually my free day because it’s the weekend. It’s much easier for me to stay on plan on weekdays because I have a fairly regimented schedule. Sundays are officially an on plan day for me, but I struggle to be on plan on those days, mainly because I never wake up as early as I would on the weekday and the day is typically filled with errands or random household tasks. You’ll see from the photo food challenge below.


1. (1pm) toasted sesame bagel with light cream cheese and a small skim latte from Dunkin Donuts. I don’t care what they say, those lattes are NOT even close to the quality of Starbucks. Their espresso has a burnt/bitter and slightly hazelnutty taste.

(4pm) granola bar and diet orange crush. This was eaten in the midst of sorting through piles of papers and setting up a file system, so no pic.

2 & 3. (8pm) Brewmaster burger (I took off the bun), fries (I ate about 2/3 of them) and salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays. Not pictured: the blondie dessert Evan and I shared. Water with lemon to drink. No burger is worth 1200 calories.

Daily Nutritional Info

  • 2323 calories
  • 121 g fat
  • 186 g carbs
  • 15 g fiber
  • 50 g protein (estimated, since RT leaves that info out)

End impression of the day: more indulgent than a typical free day, and not all that good. Loved getting my bagel fix but burgers at Ruby’s was a bit of a disappointment. They insist they use fresh, never frozen, ground beef, but it didn’t taste that way. The burger was greasy and flavorless. It also pisses me off that they don’t post the sodium and protein information for their menu. They also don’t post traditional carb info–they post net carbs, which means they’ve already done the math of subtracting grams of fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carb count. Again, deceptive. Of all the chain restaurants, I think RT is the sneakiest in terms of unhealthy add-ins. Both their bison burger and turkey burgers are loaded with fat (options that seem like they’d be healthy). Their sliders seem like a nice portion controlled menu item, but still top 1000 calories not including the french fries or side items and they sneak in oil and butter into unsuspecting places–like on their veggies and buns. Unfortunately, I really like their salad bar, but I may commit to avoiding this place in the future.

 Sunday: problems with today? I stacked most of my calories in a big meal at the end of the day. This can really wreck one’s metabolism.

4. (10:30am) Quaker Weight Control oatmeal with a splash of 1% milk and a TBS of crunchy peanut butter, 1 c. jasmine green tea

5. (2pm) Small nonfat latte from Dunkin Donuts. Again, disappointment. But only 99 cents of disappointment.

6, 7, 8, 9. (6pm) The Outback was in the same plaza at Trader Joe’s and we were hungry, so we decided on that for dinner. I had the 6oz sirloin, veggies, garden salad with mustard vinaigrette (only used 1/2 of the dressing), 1 slice of their brown bread (w/butter) and enough of Evan’s loaded Aussie fries to fill my bread plate. Probably about 1/6 of the order (he got the half order size). Diet coke.

10, 11 & 12. (9pm) Not 1, not 2, but 3 cups of decaf green tea to keep me warm and awake during that 2 hour long Brothers & Sisters episode and to watch the 11pm coverage of Monday’s predicted Snowmageddon!

Daily Nutritional Info: surprisingly low in calories but very high in fat and carbs.

  • 1485 calories
  • 66 g fat
  • 101 g carbs
  • 8 g fiber
  • 66 g protein



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