Sexy Time Calorie Burn

 A friend sent me a witty little web article about calorie burning… of the sexual kind. Check it out… it’s a tongue-in-cheek (or perhaps tongue-in-more-scandalous-places) perspective on the calorie burning value of good old-fashioned physical activity.

It actually gets me thinking… how many calories does one burn during sex?

I just received my Bodybugg in the mail yesterday and set it up. Now I may have to try it out 😉

As for the Bodybugg, the jury’s still out whether I truly, really like it or not. I’ll give it a few weeks to see what kind of impact it has on my weight loss. So far, here are my thoughts:

  • Nice, slim profile means it’s practically hidden under slim-fitted long-sleeved shirts.
  • Comfortable arm strap. I even wore it to bed last night to see what kinda of data would come up during sleep. I slept comfortably and had no skin irritation after wearing the unit for a total of 18-20 hours.
  • Bodybugg gave me an interesting plan: based on a series of surveys (body measurements, food/meal preferences and weight loss goals), they’ve developed a meal plan and exercise plan for me, including strength building exercises, recommended calories to burn, recommended calories to consume and a full meal plan (3 meals and snacks). They want me to burn 3000 calories a day (remember: this includes the calories I burn with normal daily activities, such as walking to the bathroom, sitting at my desk and, of course, working out). They want me to consume 2250 calories a day. This is 500-1000 calories MORE than I’ve allowed myself in the past. It makes me nervous, but I’m going to give it a go. They also have me eating a lot more carbs than I usually do, but I can modify this (it allows users to change their macronutrient breakdown) and have odd meal/snack recommendations (like grapes, Triscuits and 1/2 a cup of shredded cheese–what the heck am I supposed to do with shredded cheese? Wouldn’t slices make more sense Bb?)
  • It counts steps too!
  • It said I burned nearly 600 calories during my hour-long workout last night (10 min 4mph walk, 20 min elliptical at 140-160 strides per minute and 30 minutes of lower body weight lifting).
  • Not the best nutritional database. It’s also kinda pokey and slow to find things. I really miss TheDailyPlate after working with the Bodybugg database 😦

So far, it’s fun, but let’s see if it works! My phone meeting with a Bodybugg coach is next Thursday evening. That will hopefully provide me with extra tips and tricks… I’m sure there are features I’m not even aware of yet.

This weekend, I’m going to wear it while I do upper body weights and walking on Saturday and a spin class on Sunday. I probably won’t wear it to bed on a regular basis, but I will wear it during my waking hours. According to studies, the BB is 90+% accurate.

I’ve set a goal of losing 1.5lbs a week between now and April 6. That’s one month to lose 7.5lbs!


One response to “Sexy Time Calorie Burn

  1. Oh wow, the bodybugg sounds interesting!
    And I think that is a great goal that is totally attainable! Rock on!

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