Well… if Bodybugg is right, I’ve discovered part of the weight loss stall out problem.
First, a recap:
  • Bodybugg wants me to burn 3000 calories daily–this includes calories burned during normal daily activities like housework, showering, etc.
  • Bodybugg wants me to consume 2250 calories daily.
  • This should give me a deficit of 750 calories daily or a loss of 1.5lbs per week.
burned 2564 calories, consumed 1442 calories. 1122calorie deficit
burned 2814 calories, consumed 587 calories. 2227 calorie deficit
burned 2649 calories, consumed 999 calories. 1650 calorie deficit
Total calorie deficit between Saturday and today: 4999
That means I should have lost 1.5 lbs this weekend. Notsomuch. Instead, I’m apparently crushing my metabolism. At times like this, I think it would just be easiest to have someone to feed and walk me. I had no idea.

3 responses to “Oh-ohhhh!

  1. First of all.. Sunday killed your metabolism…

    Second of all… most studies say you shouldn’t do a deficit of more than 800 per day for your metabolism… which your clearly disregarding… like WW’s said.. eat a piece of pizza…

  2. I think your consumption of very low calories may contribute to it?

  3. Hey, you have a bodybugg too!! 🙂 Me too!

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