An Open Letter to my Gym

Dear Gym–

I understand you close at 10pm on weeknights and all your lovely trainers and admins would like to close up shop and end their work day ASAP. Really, I do. But I also know they have to stay to clean up and close up.

Would it kill you to leave the friggin’ TVs on until 10pm, so I can have a pleasant workout on my elliptical AND catch up on Grey’s Anatomy at the same time?

Because, seriously, Izzy just found out she has some kind of tumor in her brain and she’s acting all lovey dovey and appreciative–as if she’s dying and that could be the last impression she makes–to her friends. And sometimes she hallucinates about Denny. And although I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Denny”) hasn’t been on the show in quite a few weeks, I watch every week, hoping to get another glimpse of him because he is SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!

I know… you were probably thinking about my safety–not your desire to get out of work early–when you turned off the TVs 10 minutes before the show ended. After all, I would be embarrassed to get weak in the knees and fall off the elliptical all due to some unattainable actor.

But, can you please let me have my dreams?


Love, me


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