This is not the day!

Last week, I purchased a Cadbury Cream Egg at the grocery store. I had been craving one ever since I read and blogged about the Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurries at McDs across the pond.

Proof that I’ve been good about indulging in cravings only when I’m truly hungry and when I can truly enjoy them: I just opened the desk drawer where it’s stashed and was startled to see it there.

My response: I slammed the drawer shut, pinching my finger in the process. Ouch.

Yeah… today is NOT the day to be challenged with sweets. There are too many stressful things on my mind to be tempted with sugary goodness that would be gone and forgotten until the toothache settled in. HELLO CADBURY CREAM EGG GODS! I’M AN EMOTIONAL EATER. PLEASE GO AWAY.

I’ve never wished so hard for someone to break into my office and steal candy. Fortunately, my bruised finger is no longer flexible enough to tear off the foil wrapper.




One response to “This is not the day!

  1. Awh, hang in there!!

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