A Week of Yogurts, part 2: Dannon Light & Fit Pomegranate Berry

This is just one of Dannon’s new flavors in the Light & Fit line. Admittedly, I haven’t really jumped on the pomegranate bandwagon. I find the seeds a little strange to eat but everyone seems to love the flavor, so I thought I’d give this yogurt a whirl.

Unlike many light yogurts, this one actually appeared to have bits of fruit in it. Score +1! It had a light, smooth, creamy texture and a strong berry flavor. Sorry, pomegranate fans: I didn’t really notice the pom flavor. Sure, it was tart, but so are most yogurts.

I did my yogurt test: does it still taste good with nuts and cereal. Yup! I mixed it with chopped walnuts and Fiber One.

Overall grade: I still love the vanilla best, but I’d score this a B+ and would buy it again. But I’d have to purchase it soon–according to the Dannon website this is a limited edition flavor that won’t continue to be around.


If Dannon execs happen to stumble across my blog, I’d really like them to know that I would appreciate it if they attempted the following flavors: coffee/mocha, banana and/or chocolate.

Nutritional Information (for a 6oz cup):

  • 80 calories
  • 0 grams of fat
  • <5 g cholesterol
  • 75mg sodium
  • 16g carbs
  • 11 g sugar
  • 5 g protein

Another perk of this yogurt: it’s often on sale for 50 cents each. Go here for a coupon for 50 cents off of 6.


4 responses to “A Week of Yogurts, part 2: Dannon Light & Fit Pomegranate Berry

  1. my comment: lot’s of fake 0 cal sugar… not au natural… and thin… i like my yogurt thicker…

    my 0 looks like a o… i don’t like this font today…

  2. Yeah… that’s why I really like the Greek yogurt. No fake sugar, more protein and you can easily create your own flavors with fruit, nuts and cereal.

    This week, I even turned FF Greek yogurt into onion dip. Tasty!

  3. Chocolate Banana would be GOOD!!! Thanks for the Brussels sprouts recipe. Roasted veg is the best!

    I haven’t found a pomegranate yogurt that actually tastes like POM yet. I’m thinking that Greek yogurt and pomegranate molasses may be the way to go…

    I hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. Sweetie Pie… Trader Joes has Pom Greek Yogurt that I thought was pretty good… but at almost $1 a pop… I rather buy the larger container and put my own fruit in it… I’m cheep…

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