My new office: a work in progress

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been purchasing and installing some fabuloso IKEA bookcases and a CD cabinet. In essence, I’m finally creating a real home office and organizing my stash of office supplies and books.

Here’s how it looks so far:


The books are arranged by type (work- and school-related books, hardcover fiction, paperback nonfiction, memoirs, writing books, dieting/fitness books, etc.) The doors hide binders, photo albums, office supplies and other not-so-pretty or easy to display items.

The locker-like unit on the right is actually CD/DVD storage. Here’s the inside view, stocked with my David Bowie and Ani Difranco collection (the rest will be alphabetized):


Now, the only thing that’s missing from this nice big corner of my living room is this:

Alternate View

The last piece of this home office project is a nice desk from Pottery Barn. One I’ve been wishing and waiting for since, o0hhhh, about the year 2002. Instead, I’ve been working on a tiny, little, awkward “bill payers” desk like this:

Buy Southern Enterprises ho0152 Cherry Bill Payer's Desk

Mine looks much more sleek and modern, but it’s essentially a 2-drawer file cabinet with a drop down table. Definitely time for an upgrade, especially as I’ve started blogging and writing more. I need a more comfortable workspace.

Do you have a home office? What do you use it for? Describe it.


8 responses to “My new office: a work in progress

  1. Your office is really large to fit such a big bookcase! That looks like the size of our living room. Our small house is basically adorned with all Ikea, circa mid-’00s, though. : -)

  2. Thanks for commenting! This is in the back corner of my living room which is huge–the room is probably 25 feet wide by 18 feet long, so I’ve turned it into two rooms: a living room and an office.

  3. Can you come and organize my stuff? Pretty please? That desk from Pottery Barn looks awesome! I have a big desk at home, but I don’t use it. I’m much more likely to prop myself up on some pillows or veg on the couch with my computer!

  4. Your office looks great! I’m jealous that you have an Ikea nearby. I may need to hire you to organize our office/guest room on one of your long weekends this summer.

  5. I love the way it looks! The white shelves are so fresh and organized-looking!

    We bought a bunch of matching shelves for our office, and I LOVE how much better it works. I feel like I can concentrate more in there.

  6. oooo…I’d love to have a home office like that. the all-white theme of the Pottery barn desk looks very clean, sleek and efficient.

  7. Jenny–I’d be more than happy to play home organizer for your office/spare room! You only have to pay me with pistacio covered chicken (well… once the salmonella scare is over) and a few rounds of Rock Band.

  8. Buy the darn desk already… It has been forever, and if you are that committed, just do it! Maybe as a prize for completing the walk in november?

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