How did I do?

Yesterday, I was moaning about the trials and tribulations of eating out before a concert. Below is a recap of the success strategies I created and how well I managed to achieve them:

1. I’m leaving work early to go to the gym. I will do an hour of high intensity cardio and burn at least 500 calories. I did do an hour of high intensity cardio and burned well over 500 calories. More on that later, though.

2. I am having a low-calorie, veggie packed lunch that will keep me satisfied until dinner. Six-inch turkey sub on wheat, steamed broccoli, carrot sticks, leftover cauliflower puree/soup from last night’s dinner. The Subway line was too long so I did the next best thing: I microwaved Egg Whites in a custard cup sprayed with Pam and slapped ’em on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with a slice of reduced fat cheese for a protein-packed meal. Also had the carrot sticks and leftover cauliflower soup, but was too full for broccoli. The eggs come out light and fluffy in the micro and the custard cup perfectly forms them to the perfect, round size to fit on the sandwich thins.

3. I’m monitoring my progress with the Bodybugg. The Bodybugg website has crapped out on me and won’t upload my stats, but I still used it for when I can eventually upload the data and I also tracked calories burned, using my heart rate monitor.  Again, more on that later!

4. I’m saving enough calories so I can enjoy a beer with dinner or at the concert. Done! And it was yum-o.

5. I’m going to a concert! It’s impossible not to have fun at a concert! Done! Cold War Kids were WAAAAY better than expected and the Tower Theater is a perfect place to hear a concert. Did I tell you we were in the 8th row? I was disappointed in Death Cab’s song selection for the evening (but they were still good), and I was pissed that the tickets said the show started at 8. In reality, the show started at 7. We got there at 8:10 and completely missed Ra Ra Riot.

So… let’s go back to calorie burn. Whoever says weight loss is as easy as calories in, calories out needs a slap across the face. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve had the Bodybugg for more than a month and haven’t said much about it. That’s because I haven’t decided if I like it. Here’s why:

  • Despite having a consistent 750 calorie daily deficit, I’ve lost nothing, zilch, zero. Not even inches. I’ve logged every bite, including the 7  jellybeans I had after the gym Monday night.
  • Currently, it won’t even allow me to upload my activity information for the past two days. I’ve updated Java, restarted my computer, tried another computer. No go. So, I used my heart rate monitor and The Daily Plate to guesstimate calorie burn for my workouts over the past couple days.

Also, I was listening to an old Jillian Michael’s podcast from early March and she essentially said:

A heartrate monitor is just as effective as the Bodybugg. In fact, the Bodybugg can overestimate calorie burn in certain activities, like spinning, because it uses an accelerometer to assess calorie burn.

WTF?!?!?! TBL pimps that product like it’s God’s answer to weight loss and effective assessment of calorie in calorie out and she tells me my $50 heartrate monitor might actually be MORE effective?
Of course, I don’t know that her assertion about calorie burn of HRMs being accurate either. The display on the elliptical told me I burned 825 calories. My HRM told me I burned a little more than 1500 calories. My Bodybugg probably would have told me I burned about 600-650 calories (I’m guessing this based on Monday’s results). Oh–and just for sh*ts and giggles, I looked it up on The Daily Plate. They think I burned 1035 calories.
Please be warned: The next time I hear someone say weight loss is as simple as calories in and calories out, I’m going to burn a couple hundred calories slapping some sense into them. Of course, I won’t know how many calories I’ve burned because none of these gadgets agree!
Regardless, I don’t care if the scale shows a loss this week. This week was about me becoming an athlete again and increasing my endurance and exercise intensity. The week may only be halfway done, but I consider it a success. Tonight’s spin class was further evidence of that–it was my third day in a row of hardcore, high intensity cardio. We did 45 minutes of minute-long intervals. Whoo-boy! My average heart rate was 147–and that takes into consideration the warm up, cool down and recovery periods (1.5 minutes after 3 minutes of intervals). My reward: tomorrow’s workout will be a brisk 2 mile walk somewhere pretty. An “easy” day, so to speak.


One response to “How did I do?

  1. I’m back to being an athelete again… I did a timed mile run last week and ran 4.5 miles yesterday and did a plyometrics class tonight… and I’m lifting at my college weights… I’m just waiting for my stomach to melt away..

    I agree on the f’n cals in cals out… I’ve done a 800 deficit without any loss.. then last week I had only a 300 deficit and I lost 2 pounds… it’s all hit or miss…

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