0.6: my own Easter miracle!

Finally, a loss. Despite Easter treats and those amazing cupcakes. Yes, Evan brought chocolate covered Peeps for my Easter gift. I ate 5 between Saturday and Sunday. Now, I’m limiting myself to one a day. At night after all other eating is done. They will be savored.

This week’s workouts included increasing the intensity of two hour-long cardio workouts and one 45-minute-long cardio workout. I did an abs class, upper and lower body weights and then two low-intensity, 30 minute cardio workouts.

Admittedly, I petered out towards the end. Thursday was a planned light day (I went on a walk), but Friday through Sunday “cadio” was housework and walking around the grocery store and Target. I met my 750 daily calorie deficit, but still…

So this week, I will hit harder.

MONDAY: 60 minutes high intensity cardio, lower body weights

TUESDAY: spin class, abs

WEDNESDAY: 30 minutes high intensity cardio, upper body weights

THURSDAY: spin class

FRIDAY: 60 minutes cardio, lower body weights

SATURDAY: 60 minutes cardio (maybe the morning spin class?)


Either Friday or Saturday will be a light cardio day to protect me from mental or physical burnout. I’m very disappointed I have to work Wednesday night–the night my favorite spin instructor teaches and does an amazing abs class.

I have been thinking of trying out some new classes at the gym. Of the following options, which ones would you most be tempted to try?

  • Kickboxing: 45 minutes if cardio kickboxing with boot camp style drills followed by 15 minutes of ab work
  • Zumba
  • Cardio Challenge: uses drills that keep you moving for 45 minutes followed by a great 15 minute ab workout.
  • 20-20-20: Twenty minutes of step, 20 minutes of hi-lo/boxing, and 20 minutes of toning, makes this a great triple decker Burn Baby Burn.
  • Pump: uses a 3-pound barbell with interchangeable weight plates, you will perform high repetitions of exercises to target all the major muscle groups

6 responses to “0.6: my own Easter miracle!

  1. Zumba..

    You don’t have it on there but I’d be down with plyometrics too… short burst of intesities through jumping generally…

  2. Not allowed to do jumping or running due to the back. There’s something about having 40% of a disk protecting your spine/nerves that makes that rule important. This is what screwed up my roller derby career. 🙂

    Plus, it’s not exercise I’d ever like.

  3. Haha… you looked at me with hatred the day I put you through a plyo routine… it was the best day of my life making you run and jump… 😉

  4. Yup… I thought I was gonna puke.

  5. Zumba is always fun!

  6. Congrats on the loss! Those cupcakes looked amazing, by the way. 🙂

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