“There is no time for self-doubt right now” ~Bob Harper

Yup… Bob Harper, trainer on The Biggest Loser ranch, is my inspiration for today’s post.

People often compliment me on my ability to create weight loss goals, a strategy and a game plan. And, then, when unforseen circumstances arise and my plan is disrupted, I can fairly easily create a plan B… or C or D, if necessary.

Despite all my planning and commitment, I haven’t lost much weight lately. I could whine about it (and I usually do), I do get pissed and I definitely get frustrated but you’ll never see me say “I can’t do it.” Because I can. It’s just taking my body a bit to cooperate right now.

The reality is, I need to continue my weight loss. Giving up or feeling like I can’t do it will only put me back where I began: morbidly obese and unhappy.

Bob Harper, TBL trainer extraordinaire, said it best when he was giving Kristin a pep talk: “You have no time for self-doubt right now.”

Damn right.

2 responses to ““There is no time for self-doubt right now” ~Bob Harper

  1. Last night I desperatly wanted someone from Title IX to say “We will sponser your bras” because I don’t understand how those ladies can run as their boobs are hitting them in the face.. it’s extremly uncomfortable for me to watch that part in the program. Yesterday I got through it by eatin Phish Food Frozen Yogurt… it worked..

  2. Bob is wise and so are you. I understand all too well, and I know that you have the right approach! Even if it doesn’t seem like you are making progress, you are. Good for you!!

    I heart Bob! 🙂

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