I’m a winner!

Okay… let’s see how long my luck can last. Today, I got two very exciting e-mails at lunch.

1. FoodieFights just announced an additional judge for the competition I’m participating: Erin Zimmer who’s an editor at Serious Eats NY. I looooove Serious Eats. It’s one of the blogs I read daily and not just to procrastinate at work. It’s where I found out about the Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry and learned all sorts of new facts and recipes about Peeps during Peeps Week!

2. I won a 3 month WW membership from a blog I newly discovered called Bella on the Beach! I don’t know much about their new Momentum Plan, so I’m interested in learning more and seeing how it fits with the changes I made in the types of food I eat. I can choose either an online subscription or going to meetings. I’ve done meetings before–with a good leader, they’re great. I loved the sassy leader I had when I lived in NY and we had a group of 40, which meant decent discussion and no opportunity for the Eeyore Dieters who spend each week moping about how hard dieting is. When I’ve had a bad leader, I’ve spent the hour wondering how many calories I could be burning at the psycho Stairmill at the gym.

Actually… this is a great idea. Hey, Weight Watchers! You should have all of your meetings occur on cardio equipment: a row of ellipticals, a row of bikes, a row of Stairmills, etc. I’d call the meetings “Bitch and Burn!”

Thanks again, Bella!


One response to “I’m a winner!

  1. You bet! I can’t wait to hear all about how well you’re doing.

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