I Pity the Fool who makes Infomercials!

Just got back from spin class and turned on the TV only to see Mr. T staring back at me! Apparently, he’s promoting a new made-for-tv kitchen product called the Flavor Wave. Have any of you seen this commercial?

I may love kitchen gadgets, but this is one that I won’t be buying. Have any of you purchased a kitchen gadget that ended up being a waste of money and kitchen space?

For me, it was a set of cheap plastic bowls from WalMart. I know…. not technically a gadget. I had a very small kitchen at the time and liked how they stacked inside of each other, had lids and pour spouts. I thought I’d used them for mixing cake batter, as well as using them as serving dishes at picnics. Of course, later I discovered (the hard way) that the lids don’t seal. I had tossed salad all over my car.


3 responses to “I Pity the Fool who makes Infomercials!

  1. I once bought a steamer that took three times as long to steam things as a simple pot with a steamer insert on the stovetop. It quickly went into the Goodwill box. I pity the fool who ended up with it. šŸ™‚

    Gotta love Mr. T.

  2. Jessica Roberts

    I bought that perfect panckake puff pan. OMG! I think tin foil is stronger than that! I could have bent in half with two fingers! It didn’t cook them either! I do secretly want the big city slider station though! I think its probably made of the same tin foil metal though! lol

  3. Ha! I’ve never heard of the perfect pancake puff pan. I’ll have to hunt that one down online. I’ve always been tempted to get an egg poacher, but a pot of boiling water seems to work well enough and doesn’t require any extra cabinet space.

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