I’m ba-aack!

My birthday weekend was a big weekend full of Plan Bs but it was awesome. The meteorologists were predicting another soggy weekend (after a full week of that junk), but it ended up being a perfectly sunny 80 degrees Saturday, so E and I set off to go to the zoo and skipped the cake baking. Traffic was horrible though, so it took more than an hour and a half to do the normally 20 minute trip to Philly. That would have seriously limited our time at the zoo, so we decided to walk around South Street instead, peeking in some of the stores and indulging in some Auntie Anne’s pretzels and lemonade.

Sunday, I went to the mall to shop for gifts for family (2 birthdays, a grad party, mothers day) and instead purchased some necessities from Sephora and several new pairs of shoes: a pair of comfy, squooshy grey ballet flats from the Clark’s Privo line, purple slingbacks from Steve Madden and gray, round-toed heels from MaddenGirl. Also, E and I met up with a friend and saw Star Trek in IMAX. I never would have chosen to go to this movie, but I really liked it. Great use of humor, nice character development and Spock was cute. I also didn’t feel left out, not really knowing or remembering much about the Star Trek series.

I had lots of meals out this weekend–dinner at the Outback Sunday, dinner at a diner Saturday–but I didn’t gain or lose. Good deal. 

Last week or the week before, E finally convinced me to watch some Colbert Reports and Daily Shows that he DVR-ed. I got to pick which episodes, so I picked one with Mark Bittman who spoke about the harmful impact our diets have to our environment and our bodies and another episode with former Surgeon General David Kessler who just came out with a book on overeating. Both segments were fascinating and way too short. E saw my health nerdiness come out full force, so he bought me BOTH books for my birthday. By Sunday afternoon, I had finished a memoir I was reading and started reading the Bittman book. Poor E was probably feeling a bit overwhelemed because every half page there was a new and interesting fact that I just HAD to read out loud.

Yes… I can be annoying sometimes.

Also, E survived his biggest fear…. buying jewelry for me. A very pretty gold necklace with a pinkish-red stone and surrounded by white gems. Admittedly, I know little about jewelry. I just know it’s pretty and it magically went perfectly with the outfits I packed for the weekend. I also got two cards (one funny and one sweeter than anything I could ever dream of getting) and one of those cute little ugly dolls because my new car has been accessory free since I bought it 7 months ago, and it really does need some personalization to feel like it’s really mine.

Overall–great weekend! Now… back to life as normal. I’ve blogged, the BodyBugg is strapped back on, I’m using my lunch break to plan meals for the week and I’m going to the 6:45pm spin class at my gym tonight. That’s not to say there isn’t time for fun this week–it’s the season finale of Lost, The Biggest Loser and Grey’s Anatomy. The only shows I watch religiously.


One response to “I’m ba-aack!

  1. I bought Dr Kessler’s book this weekend! I can’t put it down! Haven’t seen the Bittman book before…Might have to check it out!

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