Bless me Father, for I have sinned…

…and it’s been a full week since my last Blogfession.

Actually, no sinning. I fit in workouts all last week, despite the craziness of closing our residence halls and working 12:30am-4am shifts. That is more likely the reason prohibiting my blog schedule. Well, that and the season finales of Lost and Grey’s! My head’s still spinning over both of them.  

My summer schedule has started for serious now, and I’ve been logging all calories consumed or expended in my new FloggDaily journal and workout log.

Only problem: morning workouts rev up my appetite for the day.

I think things will settle once I get accustomed to this schedule, but it’s a little rough right now. At least with nighttime workouts, I’m asleep before my body can recognize hunger. I’m not trusting my hunger signals just yet. I’m drinking water like it’s going out of style (and consequently burning more calories with all-too-frequent trips to the bathroom), and I’m relying on my food journal to tell me if I’m eating enough, too much or too little.

This morning’s workout included 30 minutes of strength training, 15 minutes on the ArcTrainer and a godforsaken, killer 15 minutes on the StairMill. Whoever invested that thing must have been looking for a new form of torture. It’s the one machine guaranteed to get my heartrate in the 160s and my sweat glands pouring within 3 minutes.

Below is a lookie at my workout schedule, but before you get your bike shorts in a bunch, remember that I usually take a day (sometimes two) off during the week. I don’t schedule it in because it depends on my schedule and my energy level. For example, I’m traveling to see family this weekend, and it’s a holiday weekend, so Friday’s workout will NOT include spin, Saturday’s will probably only entail a 4-mile walk, and Sunday may be a full rest day due to a family picnic and a 4-hour trip back home.

Summer Workout Schedule 2


2 responses to “Bless me Father, for I have sinned…

  1. I’ll go on the saturday 4 miler with you depending on where i am baking my winning cupcakes…

  2. I just wanted to say that I disagree with regarding the Brownie Melts at McDonald’s. It was AWESOME! Maybe hers was old or made wrong but I just finished my first one and it was FABULOSO!!!

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