What do I really deserve?

Last night, I went to the pool even though I didn’t feel like going. Apparently, a higher power thought it was a waste of my time too because there were two camps there taking over the place. Normally, there’d be at least some space to squeak in, even if I had to share a lane, but there were 2-4 swimmers (fast ones!) in each lane. And it looked like they were doing timed sprints.
So, I ran errands instead and skipped my indulgence dessert (1/2 c. Chunky Monkey with 1 TBS walnuts=400 calories) which I planned based on the fact that I was going to be working out twice and had only eaten 1400 calories throughout the day. Instead, I had a hardboiled egg (70 calories, fat and protein is more satiating than empty sugar calories in ice cream) and some 94% FF microwave popcorn (120 calories and packed with 4g of fiber). It wasn’t the most exciting snack, but it did the trick. I wasn’t hungry when I went to bed.
Then, this morning, I uploaded my Bodybugg data. I burned 880 calories between my evening errands and cleaning up around the house when I got home. In fact, I burned more than 3400 calories throughout the day, thanks to my morning workout, multiple bathroom trips from all the water I drank, some light cleaning in my office, a few short walks between offices and then my nighttime errands and chores.
I deserved it. Or at least that’s what I was thinking when I realized I could fit it in my calorie budget yesterday. But then I remembered something from a Jillian Michael’s podcast: we don’t deserve to treat ourself with junk food. Our body deserves better. Save the special occassion food for occassions that are truly special. Not a birthday celebration in a mall food court. Not a fast food burger and fries. Instead: that really decadent, high end, quality restaurant you only go to on your anniversary. Or those delicious cheeses and chocolates you can only get when you go to France.
So… I’m brushing off the “missed opportunity” to eat ice cream. Bummer. Oh well. Maybe next time. I will have more than enough opportunities to eat Ben & Jerry’s in my lifetime. Besides, I got what I really deserved while I was doing errands yesterday: sling back wedges and a new purse.

2 responses to “What do I really deserve?

  1. Indeed, you’ve earned those slingbacks and a new purse!

    Do you like frozen yogurt? I think B&J forzen yogurt has apx. 150cal/half cup serving.

  2. Ummm… when the Chunky Monkey is out, I have strawberry banana FroYo from B&J. :} I guess my summertime ice cream addiction is no longer secret!

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