Two Bites

After reading yesterday’s post, someone told me “you really only missed out on two bites.” Ummmm, no. A half cup of Chunky Monkey is DEFINITELY more than two bites, otherwise that would be one hella ice cream headache.

“No,” she insisted, “I read somewhere that when you eat something fabulous that only the first two bites really impact you.  There you go.   All you missed out on was two bites of greatness, and the rest would have been only OK.”

Nicely said. Something to think about the next time you’re tempted to throw an entire deep-dish pizza or several pieces of apple pie down your gullet. And… the Chunky Monkey has been sitting in my freezer for a month because typically I only have an oversized tablespoon and savor it over several bites. Apparently, my instincts are on target.

Try it. Here’s the technique:

1. Gain access to a delicious but decadent food. Let’s be real–we’re not talking about McD’s french fries. Think in terms of delicious high-quality stuff. Like quality cheese. Or Haagen Dasz. (Apparently, I’ve become transparent in my love of dairy.) 

2. Serve yourself a tablespoon-sized serving of the food.

3. Before you take one taste, put the rest of the food away. This is a VERY important step or you’ll possibly fall victim to the “once you start, you can’t stop” phenomenon.

4. Sit somewhere comfy and savor the flavor. Avoid any distractions (TV, your boyfriend talking about playing Guitar Hero on expert, your cat meowing for affection, etc.).

5. Log it. Yes. It may only be two bites, but it counts. For reference sake, I think 4 TBS=1/4 cup. That means my tablespoon of Chunky Monkey is 290 calories divided by 8, which equals 36 or 37 calories. Now THAT is something I can fit in my day.

2 responses to “Two Bites

  1. so my one spoonful of nutella every once in a great while isn’t a bad thing?

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