A little busier than expected

My Staycation turned out to be a little busier than expected, so my promised updates have been MIA.

Monday, I had dinner and played the new Punch Out game for Wii with a friend. (Gosh–my arms were tired after that!) Tuesday, I did a spin class, followed by abs and a 2 mile walk. Wednesday was a 90-minute spin and Total Body Conditioning class, followed by The Biggest Loser Yoga video (much harder than I anticipated). Wednesday night, Evan and I went to a concert–it was pretty good, but not fantastic. We were in a tiny little bar in Philly. I’ve had bedrooms larger than the stage.

Thursday, I decided that while Evan was sleeping, I’d walk to Starbucks for my morning coffee and breakfast. I mapped it out and knew it was exactly 3 miles each way. Perfect! I figured I walk there, grab some oats and fruit with my morning iced latte, relax a bit and then walk back. I brought a couple magazines to read while I was there. For the most part, it was an excellent plan. Two fails, though. 1) The walk is on a couple somewhat busy roads in an industrial area, so there are lots of big trucks driving around and no sidewalk for little ole me. Fortunately, the drivers were pretty good about being aware of me walking. 2) It was cloudy and overcast and threatened to rain the whole time. I don’t really like the outdoors unless I’m at a beach or in Ithaca-style land with hiking trails, waterfalls and lakes, so I’m not really used to putting on sunscreen on a regular basis, which led to this:

Don't forget your sunscreen kiddos! Even when it's cloudy and overcast.

Don't forget your sunscreen kiddos! Even when it's cloudy and overcast.

And to think that picture was taken this morning after the sunburn had a couple days to fade!

Thursday night we visited friends when their all-too-precocious son asked me “Can I see your boobies? They’re right there!” Good thing I had a bit of a sunburn to cover my embarrassment. He also spent time inspecting my earrings, necklace and watch. I was a bit surprised by the attention (he was three).

Yesterday, I was still sore for spinning and TBC and walking, so I took a “rest” day and went strawberry picking with friends instead. So my rest day included doing squats with a 6lb flat of strawberries. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring for exercise. It depends how I feel after walking 10 miles today. Oh yeah–I’m going to Manhattan for the day for a 10 mile urban hike. It will include trips to my favorite NYC spots: bookstores, Sephora, Washington Square Park. I’ll plot out my destinations and track my mileage on the train ride into the city.  

Hopefully, yesterday’s quick and easy recipes will keep you busy. I just had the jam on a piece of toast–so yummy. And I’m about to pack up a couple snack bags of the trail mix for my trip today. Enjoy! Now… off to pack my sunscreen!

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