Killer Workouts & Planning for my Trip

Before I get going, I have a funny little story to share with you:

I’m still catching up on the Jillian Michael podcasts. I’m just now listening to the May 17th episode which was taped right after The Biggest Loser finale. On it Jillian Michaels is making fun of some of the products in the BL line now–especially the panini maker. She said “You think I’d let my team eat paninis?”

Ha! I thought the same thing when I saw an ad for them.

Oh… and a little spoiler. Highlight the line below ONLY if you want to see it.

They’re bringing Daniel back!

Okay… back to me.

This week is NOT going to be an easy week and my goals may be a little too big for the things I have going on this week. I don’t have the opportunity to workout Wednesday night because I’m going to a photo shoot for Evan’s new business which launches in less than two weeks and Thursday night we leave for a long weekend to Cedar Point right after work. That also means I need to find an alternative to my Friday morning WW meeting.


  • maintain my workouts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • report a loss at WW this week
  • stay within my calorie range (1800 calories or 30 points)*
  • stick with the plan during my long weekend at Cedar Point with Evan

Yeah… there’s something about an 8 hour road trip and three days at an amusement park that screams “FAIL! ABORT DIET! ABORT! ABORT!” And I can’t lie: I hear funnel cake calling my name. All of this is making me “bring it” even more at the gym this week in hopes of a) building up a reserve of calories burned and weight loss by the weekend so I can splurge a little and b) really reinforcing these healthy habits so I don’t completely jump ship as we cross the Ohio state line.

Complicating things is that I’m still struggling to get up in the morning to work out, but I realized my high intensity (heart rate: 150-170 range) evening workouts are probably impeding that. If I complete a 60 to 90 minute workout at 8pm, it may be natural for it NOT to want to get up and go to the gym 10 hours later.

My goals with a twice a day gym schedule were to boost my metabolism, increase my energy and maximize whatever weight loss I can accomplish during a time of year that is typically a little less busy for me. I also wanted to regain that feeling of athleticism and fitness instead of feeling like I was clocking in my 60 minute workout just to lose a couple pounds.

Fortunately, so far, fitting in all the exercise I want to accomplish at the end of the day instead of breaking it up into two sessions feels like it’s working for me, but I haven’t seen too many results yet. Weight loss: zilch. Energy: definitely more motivated but equally tired and ready for bed at the end of the day. It’s a good feeling. Feelings of athleticism and fitness: oh yeahhhhh! Metabolism boost: don’t really know.  

Last night, I did the Stairmill for 15 minutes. This easily kicks my heart rate into the 160s. I’m gradually working on increasing my time until I can do it for 30-45 minutes without feeling like I need a third lung. Then, I did an upperbody weight circuit and a 45 minute spin class. The spin class kept my heart rate in the 150s. After that, I cooled down and burned a few extra calories on the Precor AMT  (heart rate in the 130s and 140s).

I was definitely hungry by the time I got home, but wasn’t in the mood for the food I had prepared. Instead, I had leftover homemade hot and sour soup and a smoothie made with fat free Greek yogurt, a banana, Aria protein powder and some skim milk. I think it was the protein and carb replenishment I needed–and quite refreshing too! For a liquid dinner, it was pretty satisfying.

Tonight, I’m doing another 15 minutes on the Stairmill, a 1-mile/15-minute walk, 15 minutes worth of abs, followed by a 45 minute spin class led by the crazy lady, and finally, another 30 minutes of cardio (low to moderate intensity). Dinner is stuffed peppers (red peppers, brown rice, feta, extra lean ground turkey), but my post workout dessert/snack will probably be another one of those smoothies that I had for dinner last night. This one may have a berry mix instead of banana, since I have blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in the house!

Now… I’m off to pack for the trip before I head to the gym. Yay!

* I know a common assumption is that one WW point equals 50 calories, which means that a 30 point WW budget should only be 1500 calories. In many cases, this is true, but a lot of veggies are 0 points, despite having calories. Many fruits are very low in points thanks to the fiber content. For example, 1 cup of raw carrots is about 35 calories but 0 points. Raspberries are only 1 point for a cup and a half, which is about 90 calories (and 12 grams of fiber!).


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