Cedar Point Coverage Coming Soon!

I promise.

Evan and I got back from Cedar Point late last night. Because I decided it was important to get back to my routine ASAP, I went grocery shopping before I even stopped home, so I didn’t get home until 10:30pm and I wasn’t in bed until much later. That said, today is all about getting back on a schedule. That includes a healthy, home cooked meal, the gym and more sleep–especially since my lovely cat decided she missed me so much, she’d stand outside my bedroom door and meow all night just to let me know.

So… in the meantime, read an interesting health article about the impact of the economy on Self-readers’ waistlines and discuss!

What are your budget- and waistline-friendly grocery store buys?

I recently discovered a love of dried lentils. They are incredibly inexpensive, and they taste delicious. Many people assume dried beans take forever to cook, but these don’t. Also, they’re packed with fiber and protein. It’s a great meat replacement.


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