The tale of the traveling Weight Watcher

I am the Army brat of Weight Watchers. The meetings I’d like to regularly attend are Fridays at 12:15, but thanks to travel plans these past two weeks, I’ve meeting-hopped. Last week I couldn’t even stay for the meeting–the leader was running more than 20 minutes late and I was supposed to be at work. This week, I apparently stumbled on the 55+group. Almost everyone was old enough to possess an AARP card and get 5% Senior Discounts at the local department store. They were a funny bunch with food philosophies as old as their dentures. We discussed breakfast and many of the ladies insisted that they’d lose weight faster if they skipped it. Helloooo! Weren’t many of them the same Donna Reed-era moms that were telling their kids it was the most important meal of the day?

Regardless, they were a tough bunch of old birds, but we all laughed quite a bit. We shared breakfast ideas at one point–half of them were wiping the drool from their perfectly pink-lined lips. It was total food porn. Until one woman mentioned eating venison chili for breakfast. THAT was a conversation killer.

With the Cedar Point trip, I didn’t really expect to lose much of anything. My eating and exercising weren’t horrible but it was certainly not my typical routine. I hopped on and off my bathroom scale prior to the meeting, hoping to pre-determine my official loss. I figured I’d be lucky if I lost a half pound, but I was hoping for a 0.6lb loss so I could be down an even 5.

Okay… so really I just wanted to goddamnned sticker to put on the silly little laminated bookmark. If they gave out pencil toppers and erasers, I’d be aiming for one of those too. I’m not proud of this people. But external validation has its perks.

There was virtually no line, so I was able to weigh in before I drank anymore of my coffee. I stepped on the scale and the lady (what do you call them? Weighers?) said “Great work, Tina!” I thought that meant I made my 5 lbs.

Then she said, “You lost 1.4lbs this week.”

Nice! Not sure how I did it, but I’ll take it.

This weekend meals and exercise is up in the air because I’m traveling and visiting family, but I hope to squeak in a trip to the gym of another C25k session tomorrow.

I’ll be back on Sunday night or Monday with a game plan for the week!


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