Weekend Wrap Up

I an currently enjoying my Foodie Fights entry. Recipe and photos will be posted tomorrow. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it sure is good. I definitely like it better than my first FF entry and I certainly had fun making and eating it. I can’t wait to see what all the other blogtestants came up with! Don’t forget to come back Tuesday to vote.

This weekend was mostly relaxing and lazy, but today was a grouchy day for me, so I picked up a B-complex vitamin supplement because I hear they’re good at conquering moodiness, fatigue, stress and depression. I’m not at the point where I want to go all Sylvia Plath on you and stick my head in an oven, but I regularly consider shoving my face in bags of chips and cookies this time of the month. I’m starting to realize that PMS is a very real thing for me–fatigue, lack of focus, headache-y and cranky as all get-out. The blend I bought also has zinc, which helps mental fatigue and sluggishness. I also need to make sure I remember my flaxseed or fish oil supplements. They’re good for raising seratonin levels. Of course, I doubt any of these interventions will help tonight. I’m about to watch Hotel Rwanda, which I Netflixed 3 months ago but have had sitting on top of my TV since it’s supposedly a pretty intense movie. This weekend, I decided I needed to watch it or send it on it’s merry little way back to Netflix so I can get another movie selection.

This weekend, I dyed my hair. Evan’s been yelling at me because every time I see a white hair, I pluck it. I think he fears inheriting a balding girlfriend because a lot more white hairs have been popping up lately. I thought you weren’t supposed to get those until AFTER you had kids.

The big news though, is that I still haven’t been able to get running out of my head thanks to my sister and now Brittany. (I’m trying not to run two days in a row for now to avoid aggravating my achilles tendonitis or back problems.) Last night, I was reading a magazine and came across a little blurb on  various runs (5ks, 10ks, half marathons and marathons). One, in particular caught my attention.

It’s the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Here’s why I think it’s the perfect run for me:

  • The course is flat. While I loved living (and even hiking) in hilly Ithaca, NY, I’d rather use a spork to dig out my eyeball than run on that kind of terrain.
  • It’s along the oceanfront. If I get too hot, I can run down the beach for a dip in the water.
  • There are more than a dozen bands that perform throughout the half marathon (stages are set up throughout the route) and more than 40 bands performing throughout the weekend. All registered runners get free entry to the weekend’s concerts. This year’s featured bands: Black Crowes, Boyz II Men and Heart. I looooove live music (went to 14 concerts last year and will go to at least 7 this year). Also, a half marathon is long (13.1 miles). If I need to stop to rest or walk I can just say that I really like the band and want to hear more of their music.
  • Finally, I heard a little rumor that everyone (of age) who crosses the finish line gets a beer. What better way to replace all the carbs you burned off during the race?

This year’s Rock N Roll half marathon is September 9th. I certainly need more training time (and I think I already have a concert that weekend), but I had already decided that I want to do one major physical challenge a year (2008: 2.5 hr spin class, 2009: BC3D 60 mile walk). Perhaps 2010’s physical challenge will be the Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

Who’s in with me? 🙂

2 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. brittaaaaaany c

    please tell me the run isn’t ON the beach. i do the manasquan winter run which is 2 miles on land, 1 on the beach (or something like that) and i think sand running is brutal. if you want a good run with beer at the end, do the parkerhouse run ( it’s in july). http://jerseyrunner.com/ in october, around halloween, there is a run in mercer county and it’s a 5k but reaaaally great. i did it 2 years back. i want to do a half marathon but i can barely run 3 miles now, i think 13.1 would just kick my butt. but if you are seriously considering doing a half marathon, let me know i’d honestly sign up. i enjoy healthy motivation/competition.

  2. If you do it… I’ll do it…

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