Middle Finger Salute

My Facebook status says something along the lines of “Tina is raising her middle finger in salute to the WW scale which showed an 0.8lb gain despite 8 hours of activity, 17 miles of walking and spot-on eating this week.”
I. Am. Furious.  I worked too hard to show a gain on the scale. Here is how my week went:
  • LAST FRIDAY: walked 5 miles, consumed 1700 calories
  • SATURDAY: rest day, consumed 2000 calories (July 4th)
  • SUNDAY: walked 3 miles, did weights, consumed 1500 calories
  • MONDAY: spin class, consumed 1700 calories
  • TUESDAY: C25k, weights, consumed 1700 calories
  • WEDNESDAY: spin & abs class, consumed 1600 calories
  • THURSDAY: C25k, weights, 5 mile walk, consumed 1600 calories
  • Additionally, I ate at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily. Oftentimes more.
Sure, there could be a host of reasons for this:
  • TOM: nope… that was 2 WIs ago
  • Not enough water: nope. 6-10 glasses daily
  • Too much salt: nope. I’ve been eating mostly unprocessed, fresh foods, tons of veggies so I know exactly what I’m getting for sodium
  • Gaining muscle: I think this is the biggest cop out excuse of dieters. My legs have shrunk a couple inches this month (thank you God–my thighs seem to be resistant to shrinkage), but that’s been over the past 4-6 weeks.
  • Too much water: perhaps, but I doubt it. I drank 2 glasses while walking at the gym this morning. I was also sweating.
  • Heavier clothes than normal: Sadly, I’ve weighed several of the outfits I would normally wear to WI, including my workout clothes from this morning. There’s only a half a pound difference between the heaviest and lightest outfit. Even if that WAS it, it would mean I still maintained or gained a little and I don’t understand how that’s possible compared to my performance OFF the scale this week. And I had a lighter breakfast than normal, so that can’t be it either.
  • Did you poop this morning? Um… not that it’s any of your business, but yes.

Basically, that leaves me annoyed and irritated and wanting to use some of my calories on a DQ Blizzard tonight. Don’t worry–it’s not a splurge if I budgeted. I have only a couple explanations for this gain: my body is being strange (weight loss may be a science, but it’s not a logical one!) and my carbs this week were regular carbs (particularly pasta), not my usual whole grains/whole wheat carbs.

So… moving on… next week will bring:

  • Continued diet of fruits, veggies and lean meat
  • Back to whole grain carbs! And maybe omitting carbs at dinner.
  • Maintaining this workout plan… I rather like it.
  • Start calculating my calories burned and comparing them to caloric intake and BMR just to make sure I’m not burning too much or eating too little (doubt it, but that’s what others often harp on me for).

I have been on the cusp of breaking into the next weight decade for 3 weeks now. Why is this so hard?  😦


6 responses to “Middle Finger Salute

  1. It could never be too much water unless you are like the sesason before last and you drink a gallon of water 15 mins before weigh in..

    Are you sure you’re eating enough? Are you eating your activity points? Monday for example.. I’m assuming 60 mins spin class which is around 600 cals burned which mean you only ate 1100 calories (net) I weigh less than you and I need to net out more than 1100 calories otherwise it slows down my metabolism…

    I think you need to eat more..

  2. by season before last i meant of the biggest loser..

  3. seattlerunnergirl

    You should absolutely evaluate whether you are eating too little. Eat 200-300 calories more on the days when you do a high-intensity workout.

    Oh, and the “building muscle” thing isn’t a cop-out. When I first started doing this stuff, I worked out like a FIEND, at whole, healthy foods, and didn’t lose an OUNCE for SIX WEEKS. Lost a dress size, though. You’ve heard the drill: muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah blah. It sucks when the scale doesn’t give you the pat on the back you’re hoping for, but that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong this week.

    Keep it up. I can’t wait to come back and see how much you’ve lost in the future. Oh, and BTW, sometimes it helps me if I change my terminology – this isn’t about losing WEIGHT, it’s about losing FAT. You don’t want to lose the muscle, which helps you lose the fat, etc.

    Hang in!

  4. I’m so sorry this happened, and I obviously know how frustrating it can be! I do think that sometimes our bodies just go a bit berserk (how’s that for a technical term) and we need to give them time to catch up.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and I know that you’ll be in that new “decade” in no time!!!

  5. Val–You’re getting my middle finger salute now as I nosh on a piece of pizza. Just kidding 🙂

    Thanks for the support and advice Bella & SeattleRunnerGirl. I have started getting over my gain as I’ve recognized the loss of inches on the thighs the past month or so is a big accomplishment.

  6. I think this falls under the category of “weight loss is not linear”. Remember the time you expected a 0.5 pound loss and got 1.5? That will happen again. This is also called the “whoosh” phenomenon.

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