Breast Cancer in the News

Here is a story about six women under the age of 40 who were diagnosed with breast cancer.

In other news, doesn’t it suck that my 95 year old great grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy last week? She has survived diabetes, a broken hip, being widowed and still lives independently, although she doesn’t drive anymore. The good news: she doesn’t need radiation or chemo. And her hospital stay was brief!

Great Grandma digging into her pre-surgical Lemon Meringue Pie during July 4th festivities.

Great Grandma digging into her pre-surgical Lemon Meringue Pie during July 4th festivities.

In the meantime, I’m training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I’ve logged 25 miles since July 1, in addition to several spin classes and my normal strength-training and ab routines. Yay! 

There’s still some time to donate! So far, I’ve had two donations from blogger friends, as well as several donations from high school and college friends, family and even my high school guidance counselor (hi, Liz!), who was the first to donate. Right now, I’m waiting for some students to return to campus, so we can partner in some fund raising efforts. I have a few students who have volunteered to assist me with the baking for a bake sale and I think I can get a bunch of folks willing to put together an outdoor concert fundraiser with me.

Unfortunately, my gym claims they already do “enough” of “their own” fundraisers, so they wouldn’t help sponsor me or host a fundraising event. I was hoping to tie some pink balloons to a treadmill and wear a shirt that said “Ask me what I’m training for!” I’d have a jar for donations and (taking an idea from my friend Casey who is also doing the walk with us) if they donated X amount of dollars (maybe $25), I would run for 60 seconds. The walk is 13 and a half weeks from today and I still have about $1700 to raise. Yikes!


4 responses to “Breast Cancer in the News

  1. You will get there! I know when I was doing Team in Training, getting the $2900 seemed impossible at first, but I got within $200 well before the deadline (until I had to stop due to injury).

    Do you have Facebook or some other social networking thing? I posted my fundraising site in my status, and got donations from tons of people. I said, “why not forgo your morning coffee and donate $5 to TNT instead?” And people did – in fact all of them donated at least $25 instead of just $5. You’d be surprised.

    Good luck reaching your goals.

  2. Awwww… thanks, Bella! I have been posting on Facebook and have one of those little widgets on my FB profile page. Every once in awhile I change my status to remind them I’m still trying to raise money. I really think hitting up my family again (ahem! I know some of you read this!) and doing fundraising events with my students will really help my efforts.

  3. Hit up the fam again… they probably forgot… Or they don’t think about it and need reminders…

    I still can’t get over G Gma not realizing the heart attack she had… she’s strong like bull…

    Oh and I think you should make a shirt for the gym… and raise money under the radar… like drug deals…

  4. Oh… I’m def making a shirt this weekend to wear during my training walks at the gym. The family will get a reminder at the end of July when I can brag that I completed 90 miles of training walks during the month of July. And then I’ll send them another at the end of August to say I’ve done another 106 or so miles. 🙂 I always was a pain in the @ss like that!

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