Goals for the week of July 12th

General wellness/balance goals:

  • increase work productivity and finish my “must do” tasks this week
  • don’t take work home this weekend
  • go to the local library to hear a memoirist talk about her book
  • schedule time to write this weekend
  • sleep 7+hours each night (more on weekends)
  • make a new workout mix

Nutritional goals:

  • eat clean, unprocessed foods
  • stick to 1500-1800 calories a day
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits in veggies in a variety of colors (minimum: 3) each day

Fitness goals:

  • 3 C25k sessions
  • 2 spin classes
  • 3 ab workouts
  • 3 strength training workouts
  • complete a 7 mile and a 6 mile training walk

What’s missing? A weight loss goal. I’ll take whatever I can get!

3 responses to “Goals for the week of July 12th

  1. I have to do a 7 and 6 this week.. I guess the 24 and 16 week catch up quickly…

  2. Awesome list. I would love it if you posted your workout mix once you’re done with it. I’m always looking for new songs to workout to.

  3. Bella–will do! It’s halfway done. I hope to finish it tomorrow 🙂

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