Another reason to go organic and local

Prevention Magazine recently published this story about MRSA (the antibiotic-resistant staph infection or “superbug”) possibly our meat supply. Before the hysteria starts, I want to be clear: according to this article YOU WILL NOT GET MRSA FROM EATING PROPERLY COOKED MEAT; however, you could get it from handling or not properly cleaning after preparing raw meat.

Why is organic, grass-fed, locally raised meat better? Because they’re less likely to be in overcrowded conditions, which more easily spread disease. Eating corn and grain products (which many animals can’t properly address) increase their likelihood of contracting diseases because it compromises their immune system. Animals that are given consistent and large doses of antibiotics are more likely (just like humans) to develop diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. Hmmmm… like MRSA? If you get a ground meat product from a local farm, it’s processed differently than super-farms. Superfarms mass process their foods, which lead to widerspread contamination if one sick cow got mixed into the lot. Local farms process meat on a much smaller level, which leads to smaller risk of contamination.

Have I convinced you yet?


One response to “Another reason to go organic and local

  1. I just choose no meat ever. But if I had to eat meat, local organic would be better. But I really hate the idea of any healthy animal being killed.

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