Food in the News

Sorry the posting has been sporadic this week. Long work hours combined with trying to fit in my workouts, get extra sleep AND log every bite I eat means little time left for the blogworld. My feet were hurting bad this week, so I stopped the Couch to 5k for now and laid off the walking until today. Spin classes on Monday and Tuesday and a rest day Wednesday seemed to help work out the kinks, and I celebrated with a 6 mile walk at the gym tonight. I’m about to go out for my last 2 miles.

I just ate an amazing dinner with oddball Farmer’s Market finds, which I’ll post tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve been perusing the food news and thought the following articles would be of interest to readers.


My Week Without Corn (Serious Eats): A writer describes how she navigated a diet without corn products for seven full days. And she’s doing it again next week, stepping it up by avoiding corn fed animal products. You’d be surprised what she ends up omitting from her diet.

Making the Macaroni Grill Healthier (The Atlantic Monthly): Ironically, the Atlantic is one of my favorite magazines that I never buy, but I’ve started reading their online content lately (seriously, though–Evan and I would both love this magazine and should really start subscribing). This is a short little news blurb about how menu labeling laws in California are transforming the restaurant industry. Yay!

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the inaccuracy of menu nutritional information. (Earlier this year Serious Eats published an article about inaccuracies in Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks’ menus–both places have since either changed their menus or updated their nutritional information). It honestly didn’t surprise me–it doesn’t take a PhD to know that chefs in a fast-paced restaurant chain aren’t painstakingly measuring every ingredient when there are dozens of hungry people clamouring for food. Half the time, I’m just happy if they got my order right.


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