Well… whaddya know!

I stood on that scale at WW watching every minute facial twitch on the weighers face. I wondered what I would do if my weight increased again. I fought back the urge to rock back on my heels and redistribute my weight in hopes of getting a lower number. I cursed the fact that I was wearing capris and a t-shirt instead of my usual shorts and a tank top. For sure that would weigh more, I thought.

And then she said “Congratulations! You’ve lost.”

The scale went down today after weeks of creeping up in tiny increments. I lost 1.4 lbs. For some, this is barely a loss. For me, it’s monomental.

Sunday, I wrote about my recent WW trials and how I was starting to think that maybe I did need to increase my calories a bit. I’d been scrimping and saving calories like a 4th grader hoarding allowance money to save up for a video game.

It made me nervous. It still does. But I lost.

Here’s what I did:

1. I took an extra day off from the gym (2 rest days instead of 1). It was meant to give my cry-baby foot a break but it served as a day in which my body could bank some calories and not feel as if it were being starved.

2. Also, due to a busy work week, I shortened by workouts. This also banked some calories. (My reductions in workouts probably amounted to 100 calories a day.)

3. I paid more attention to net calories instead of total calories consumed.

4. Every morning, I sat at my computer, fresh-brewed coffee in hand and planned out my day by inputting my anticipated food intake and exercise on TheDailyPlate. While I’m pretty good about estimating how many calories are in the food that I eat, I’m clueless when it comes to calculating workout expenditures. This allowed me to add little bits of food here and there, increasing the calorie counts in my meals or adding snacks.

5. I made sure my net calories were at least 1200 each day. Previously, they were almost always under 1000 net calories (sometimes as low as 600 or 700 net calories).

6. I varied my net calories day by day so my metabolism wouldn’t become complacent. I had net calories of 1265, 1751, 1348, 1222, and 2041.

Although this worked for me this week, it doesn’t mean it will work next week, but we’ll see what happens. I will follow the same guiding principles. I worried that increasing my calorie intake would result in me eating with abandon and bingeing on “bad” foods. I certainly had my indulgences (Starbucks scone-430 calories, Panera Cinnamon Bun-560 calories, chips, a full fat hot dog and a cheeseburger), but these indulgences were measured, intentional, almost always planned and never put me over my budget for the day. Had I not needed the extra calories, I wouldn’t have eaten them.

This week I will strive to make healthier decisions and not rely so much on calorie (and fat and salt and sugar) dense foods. It doesn’t mean I’ll avoid them completely, but my body truly will function best on foods that fuel it properly.


2 responses to “Well… whaddya know!

  1. Good for you for losing!

    I like that you took matters into your own hands and really started playing with the numbers in regards to working out and your net calories. Good for you!

    Once I buy the BodyBugg at the end of this month, I’m hoping to really get more insight into the idea of “calorie deficit” and “net calories,” because right now I feel like I don’t have a clue about how many calories I’m actually burning in all of my activity and workouts.

    Good luck with your tweaks for the coming week.

  2. Its such a science game isn’t it??

    What works one week doesn’t work the next. I’m back at WW, doing it online. the first week, no exercise, counted points, lost 4 pounds. The second week, worked out 5 times, counted points lost nothing! What?? I’m just planning on keeping going!!! have a great weekend!

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