Goal Updates: week of July 19th

General wellness/balance goals:

  • Deal with increased work load by going into the office early while it’s quiet and I’m focused. Limit work brought home on the weekend. Done.
  • Schedule time to write this weekend. Big Fat Fail. Didn’t even make an effort. But I’m okay with that.
  • Sleep 7 hours each night (more on weekends). Mostly done, but I’ve been struck with a bit of insomnia lately. Falling asleep is easy. Staying there is significantly more challenging.
  • Finish my new workout mix. Done. Will post later tonight.

Nutritional goals:

  • Eat clean, unprocessed foods as much as possible. My success on this one is largely dependent on your/my level of optimism. Fried pickles and a burger were just two of the things that landed on my plate this week. Still, I’m doing much better than I was doing this time last year.
  • Stick to 1200-1500 NET calories daily. Done. (Days that I was low were typically followed by a much higher day to compensate.)
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits in veggies in a variety of colors (minimum: 3) each day. Done on all but 2 days.

Fitness goals:

  • 3 spin classes: only 2
  • 3 ab workouts: not a one
  • 3 strength training workouts: one
  • Be healed in time to do my weekend training walks (8 and 6 miles): did both with some soreness but no pain.

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