It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I love my job, but I HATE this time of year.

It’s training time. I love training. I love the motivation, the preparation and planning for the year to come. I love the fact that my binders and files are still beautifully organized, before the busy-ness of the day-to-day part of the year interrupts that. I like that working on an academic calendar essentially gives me two new years–two opportunities each year to make a fresh start, revisit goals and get new motivation.

I hate feeling the time crunch and the inability to give proper attention to all the things I want to do and start all the projects I want to start (many of these ideas typically have to sit on the backburner until the school year starts). I hate the lack of sleep–not just from waking up early to sneak into the office before everyone else gets there so I can get some administrative work done (knowing that most of my day will be spent leading or participating in training sessions), but also from the 1:30am wake-up panic (and ensuing difficulty returning to sleep) when I start dreaming about my job and inevitably realize that I have something urgent that needs to be on my task list the following day. During this time of year, I know to keep a fresh pack of Post-It notes and a couple of pens on the nightstand.

Unlike my experiences earlier in my career, I am MUCH better about taking care of myself during this time. I’m sticking to my gym regimen. I’m choosing longer days in order to free up my weekends and have true days off. I’m eating well–even if it’s convenience/take-out food, I choose (and truly prefer) the healthier options.

Today’s take-care-of-myself plan:

  • Subway for lunch since I didn’t have time to prep lunch today.
  • Update last week’s goal progression and post my new workout mix. Set new goals for the week.
  • 6:30 spin class. Weight circuit beforehand.
  • Take “easy” work home that I can do in front of the TV.
  • Watch the new FOX reality dating show “More To Love” featuring “real” (AKA overweight) woman and a chubby chaser bachelor. FYI: I wanted to audition for this show–they had a casting call at a nearby Lane Bryant. I just wanted to see what it was like and maybe write about it in my future memoir. Evan didn’t like that idea, though.
  • Early bedtime.

One response to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  1. HAHAHA about you wanting to join “More to Love”-my roommate and I actually got recruited for a VH1 dating show the other week! We almost went to the second interview because we also thought it would be an amusing experience and the casting directors agreed to let us participate together. In the end we told them we were no longer interested…I think it was for the best.

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