New Workout Mix

It’s been weeks in the making…click on the links to listen to the song on YouTube.

I could listen to ANYTHING by The Postal Service for running and spinning. Same with Passion Pit, which I think you’ll like, if you like MGMT. This mix gradually builds up through the first two songs, which are meant as a warm-up, followed by a mix of faster and slower songs (for recovery purposes) and a few cool down songs (I need extra stretching time after my workouts thanks to my back and feet).

  1. It’s Like a Heartbeat, Only It Isn’t: The Electric Presidents
  2. The District Sleeps Alone: The Postal Service
  3. The Reeling: Passion Pit
  4. You! Me! Dancing!: Los Campesinos
  5. Double Pump: GirlTalk
  6. Electric Feel: MGMT
  7. Stronger: Kanye West
  8. Mercury: Bloc Party
  9. Life In Technicolor: Coldplay
  10. Lake Michigan: Rogue Wave
  11. Young Folks: Peter Bjorn and John
  12. I Feel It All: Feist
  13. We Will Become Silhouettes: The Postal Service
  14. The Con: Tegan & Sara
  15. Hold On: KT Tunstall
  16. The Perfect Me: Deerhoof
  17. Nature of the Experiment: Tokyo Police Club
  18. St. John: Cold War Kids
  19. Sleepyhead: Passion Pit
  20. Nineteen: Tegan & Sara
  21. Air Aid: Menomena
  22. Brand New Colony: The Postal Service
  23. You Don’t Know Me: Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor
  24. Use Somebody: Kings of Leon
  25. As Is: Ani Difranco
  26. Two Weeks: Grizzly Bear
  27. Breathe Me: Sia

3 responses to “New Workout Mix

  1. Thanks for the song ideas… I am always needing new songs for my workouts.

  2. LOVE this mix! I own most of these songs, but never really thought of them as workout mix “worthy,” but I’m definitely going to have to take a second look now.

  3. brittaaaaaany c

    i think about 7 of those are also on my workout mix. love love love sia and the feist song

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