I’m ba-aack!

Today, my butt barely hit my office chair when my phone rang. It was my sister.

“You lied!” she said. Seriously… I don’t even think she said hello.

What? I hadn’t even had my first sip of coffee. It was way too early for sibling rivaly.

“You said you were going to post on the 24th and you didn’t. It’s the 25th now.”

So sue me for deciding dinner with my awfully neglected boyfriend and falling asleep in front of Team America was a much better deal than sitting at the computer and blogging. But it’s true. I’m back. And although I’m currently contemplating a drive-thru dinner since I need to run a quick errand and work at a program at 8:30 tonight, I’m still on the wagon.

Weight: down a few, but not sure how many. Food intake has been okay but not great.

Exercise in August: non existant except for a 4.5 mile challenging hike (lots of stairs and hills) which I’ll blog about later this week or this weekend and one spin class. I’ve totally bombed the training walks, but hope to get back up to speed by the weekend. Tomorrow will mark my return to the gym thanks to a spin class taught by one of my fave instructors.

I’ve missed the gym and being able to have the luxury of time to take care of myself. Although this week still feels slow-going and still feels busy, it’s a marked improvement over those days where I worked 6/7am until 7/9pm and took a half dose of Advil PM just to guarantee myself 7 hours of good sleep. If I miss out on sleep, I’m a wreck. If I’m stressed, I miss out on sleep. August is never a good month for me, although I’ve continued to get better at managing it.

So I’ve undoubtably looked forward to figuring out my September goals! Here’s the plan:

  • Back to eating mostly whole/clean foods.
  • Sticking to 1200-1500 net calories daily.
  • Sleeping 7 hours a night–minimum.
  • Working out 5-6 days a week.
  • Training walks on the weekend.
  • Spin classes and weights during the week.
  • And writing. I skipped my writer’s group the ENTIRE SUMMER. Despite having three-day weekends. I just couldn’t fit it in for some reason. Back to commiting writing time. Weekly.

I’m looking forward to the cooler weather, crisp air, new season of The Biggest Loser, reading books, getting through a very unwieldy pile of magazines and making all of my favorite fall foods (mmmm, butternut squash soup with crispy bacon on top). I’ve dreamed of lounging on my couch in the evening, in my pjs while watching the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. And the concerts! A slow summer concert season has resulted in a very active fall line-up of Regina Spektor, Snow Patrol, Ra Ra Riot, Ani Difrano and the Get Up Kids.

To be honest, September will likely be a bit busy too–but I’ve decided that’s just life! I have a wedding Labor Day weekend and a writer’s conference the week after. I need to plan a trip home to CT, since I haven’t seen family since June. And I have to raise another $1300 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day in October. On the horizon: a fundraising bake sale! And possibly a concert event some of my students are planning. And dipping into my own savings. And begging Evan and my family for money–they kinda ignored the e-mail I sent in the spring which I think is pretty pathetic because even my BLOGGER FRIENDS donated some dough!

So… what have you all been up to?


One response to “I’m ba-aack!

  1. I’ve been stalking my sister to see when she’ll start existing again… only to start my own busy season… holla working until 8 tonight and waking up at 5 tomorrow so i can go to the gym before work… I can’t wait for Snob Night friday… Wine and Cheese and a hint of arrogance and watching Sideways with Mark…

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