And I run….

I was in a bad mood yesterday afternoon. One of my colleagues even commented on it. Despite taking some time out for myself in the morning to sleep in, peacefully enjoy coffee and blog, my day was exhausting. I lost two hours of planning time to work on my goals due to little things that were coming up that I had to take care of. And because those little things are not tasks that I typically do, it took awhile and seemed inefficient and plain old annoying.

By 3pm, I was in desperate need of a nonfat latte and a break. Instead, I had a 2 hour meeting (of course, I DID bring the latte). By the end of it, I decided I had to work off some of my frustration.

It was great.

I haven’t run since mid-July, when my foot pain and tendinitis returned, but I needed it last night. I did intervals of 3.5mph walks and 5.2mph jogs on the treadmill at the gym, overlooking a wall of windows that gave a perfect view to the storm blowing in. The weather matched my mood at the start, but the adrenalin rush from running left the moodiness to Mother Nature when my 30 minutes was up.

Best part? No pain. And while the run wasn’t easy, it was easier than I expected given all my time off from workouts.

I don’t know that my body can handle a long-term, consistent training plan when it comes to running, but I do like that it can handle short intervals like this when I need the mental re-set.


One response to “And I run….

  1. I’m so glad you were able to run and didn’t experience any pain. That must’ve been such an amazing feeling!

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