Round two

Yesterday was also an exercise in Bad , Better, Best (or more like Bed, Better, Rest). I went to bed feeling crappy and woke up feeling worse thanks to a fever, the chills, fatigue and a headache, so I stayed home from work. Healthy eating and the gym both went out the window in favor of simplicity (in the form of box mac and cheese) and sleep.

Fortunately, despite the uber-calorific dinner, I didn’t have a calorie overage due to not eating much the rest of the day. Today, I feel better.

On the docket: walking. I’m about to head off to the gym for a 2 hour long walk. It will only let me sneak in 7 of the 10 miles I wanted to get in today, but fortunately, I already walked about 3 miles at work today between my commute to work, meetings and building tours!

Also on the docket: major hamstring stretches. My hammies are so tight, I can barely completely extend my leg while sitting.


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