a wee bit nervous

Today I walked my ass off and STILL only managed 12 miles worth of training walks. I went to Starbucks and back (3 miles each way), wandered around the mall for an hour with Evan and then walked a moderately hilly and challenging path at Valley Forge National Park (a little over 5 miles). And now, I’m Ex. Haus. Ted. As in, so tired that I hope Evan gets home soon so he can take my socks off. And bring me a McDonald’s soft serve vanilla cone.

My back aches. The pads of my feet are sore from pounding the pavement. And all I can think of is that I’m going to have to do TWICE this amount in another month and then repeat it for two consecutive days. Oy vey!

The only thing that increase my optimism for successfully finishing the Breast Cancer 3-Day without the lame-o ride in the sweeper van is that there will be TONS of people there, and I’ll be walking with my sister and friends so it will be highly motivating and much less boring than these solo ventures.

At least one can hope.

Now… off to see if I can shower by myself and then I’m crawling into bed, putting my feet up and reading a good book!

One response to “a wee bit nervous

  1. we’ll get through it.. those are three days where all we have to think about is walking… someone else will be serving us food… we won’t have other activities… we’ll be able to do it…

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