Despite reading an article on how inefficient multitasking is, I seem to be doing it constantly these days. And, just as having a plate too full of food is bad for health and wellness, so it having a plate too full of things to do. Although, I’m definitely back in control with the food thing now, I had found myself eating out of stress or in an attempt to gain energy and was consuming more meals of convenience that weren’t properly balanced and that were often higher in calories, fat, carbs or preservatives than I would normally prefer.

Fortunately, I’ve since stocked up on HEALTHY meals of convenience (thank you Trader Joe’s) and made a big batch of turkey chili to eat a couple nights this week with a large salad or something else that’s healthy and green.

Tonight is WW and I don’t want to go. The trouble is that I’m having a difficult time deciding whether it’s because I’m not gonna like the number on the scale (which should be no biggie since, due to scheduling issues, my last WI was only this past Friday) or because I’m overbooked.

The ways in which I’ve multitasked:

  • I cleaned the house while catching up on Grey’s Anatomy: while I’m glad I finally caught up on the show, it wasn’t relaxing, and I’m sure I missed parts.
  • I’m starting to regularly go to the gym during The Biggest Loser: this is actually one time when multitasking works for me, although I miss Fat Bridesmaid’s Liveblog of the show 😦
  • Using my Crackberry to catch up on short e-mails throughout the day–while waiting for a meeting to start or while in line for coffee: sometimes this is a great way to catch up (0r really, more like prevent myself from getting too far behind) but Evan is definitely sick of my glassy-eyed look whenever the little red light starts flashing and I start to wonder what e-mail came in.

Help me be more efficient InterWeb peeps! What are effective ways of multitasking or time savers that you regularly practice?


One response to “Multitasking

  1. First- look at weighing yourself as science versus self worth. There shouldn’t be like/unlike with the number just a matter of fact. It’s been making life easier for me. And as an outcome easier to maintain weight versus yo-yoing.

    Delete all non important emails (fwds and what not without thinking of looking at them)
    List out what you need to do for the day and the order of importance. Work on the highest priority.
    Have at least 1 hour a day of nothing import (watching TV/fun emails/catching up with friends) it’s made me less stressed and more productive.

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