I gotta start doing more housework!

I skipped the gym today, yet I don’t feel bad about it. Why? Well, according to the Bodybugg, I still surpassed my goal of burning 3,000 calories today, and it’s ALL thanks to housework.

From 5:30pm until just before midnight, I was baking for the bake sale this weekend, packaging up goodies and packing my car. I made four or five trips downstairs to my car armed with boxes. It wasn’t all work though–in between batches of cookies–appropriately timed to coincide with commercial breaks during Grey’s Anatomy–I was able to sit and rest and enjoy the show.

Throughout this time, I wasn’t necessarily busting a sweat, but I was staying active and, as a result, I burned anywhere from three to seven calories a minute. In fact, half the calories I burned today were burned after 5 p.m. Normally at night, once I’m camped out on the sofa or at the computer, my calorie burn is about 1.4-1.7 calories a minute.

Additionally, I had good eats yet stayed below my calorie budget for a total of a 1,200 calorie deficit today. That’s nearly half a pound off!


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