Attempting to Control Cortisol

I know all the research about the importance of controlling stress in order to manage effective weight loss. It’s no surprise that I have been stressed thanks to needing to take on extra responsibility at work, fundraising for the 3-Day, and balancing my relationships with family, friends and Evan and not always doing everything as well as I’d like.

This Prevention magazine piece inspires me to do better.

I’m pretty good at finding opportunities to laugh and surrounding myself with funny people. I definitely believe that’s a big stress reliever. But I find myself slipping into some less than ideal habits (skimping on sleep, not taking time out for myself) when things get tough, or, more often, when things get busy.

It’s tricky. Being busy is a big motivator for me. I find I’m more productive when I have a lot on my plate–many of us do. But, it’s a thin, nearly invisible line between having enough to do so that I use my time wisely and having so much to do that I end up skimping on the healthy habits I’ve been working so hard to maintain.

After the 3-Day this weekend, I’m re-writing my personal task list and revisiting the personal goals I set for myself back in January, but the Prevention article certainly helped me envision some of the things I’ll prioritizeĀ on that list. On my NEW task list now:

  • schedule a hot stone massage before the holidays
  • schedule a mani and pedi before November
  • create a sleep schedule that gives me 7.5 hours of sleep each night (minimum) and stick with it!
  • chew my stress away with gum
  • schedule trips home once every month or two
  • schedule trips to see friends in NY and Chicago
  • bring tea and an electric kettle into the office for daily mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea breaks
  • Plan a REAL vacation for 2010. A cruise? A trip to SXSW? Who knows? All I know is that it will require travel, take me out of the state and involve a hotel room.

What do YOU do to reduce stress?


3 responses to “Attempting to Control Cortisol

  1. you planning all the weekends away makes me feel stressed… why don’t you plan a weekend to do absolutely nothing. Otherwise you have a lot baked in that you want to get done which might cause more stress. I have a weekend in November that I’m not scheduling anything for.

  2. My first weekend in November is unbooked and even though I have plans the last two weekends in October, I get to stay home.

  3. an additional tip for spa treatments of any sort, is book the next visit when you are paying….even if it is eight weeks away, you can always cancel if something really important comes up and it is a great way to PLAN to make relaxation time for yourself! Often it is a pleasant surprise for me when I realize, “yeah, I have a pedicure appointment this week”…at least that’s one way I try to make ME time.

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