Philly 3-Day

So far, the Philly 3-day–or rather the circumstances around it–are a bit of a disappointment. The weather is horrid, and although we had mentally and physically prepared for the cold, wind and rain, the 3-Day organizers decided to cancel the event Friday and Saturday. We will still walk as planned on Sunday, starting off at what would have been the campsite and ending at the Navy Yard in Philly for closing ceremonies.

I can’t deny the weather has been horrid. The temperatures have been in the low 40s with gusty winds and a 34 degree windchill. The rain has been intermittent–sometimes it’s just damp, other times misty and occasionally an icy cold shower. Supposedly, the conditions of the campsite had declined to a point where they weren’t suitable. I don’t know if there was ever an indoor plan (although I’ve heard they moved the campsite indoors in the past).

At this point, the forecast for Sunday is continuing to decline with a temp of 39-42 and rain. I’m not sure if they’ll cancel that as well.

I’m disappointed, and I know many of the people that supported me are too. I apologize for those of you who invested both money and faith in this cause and my ability to walk. 

One of my reasons for doing this was for the physical challenge of walking 60 miles over the course of three days. That challenge is also why people tended to donate more to me than they would have if I were simply doing a 5k. Here’s what else we missed out on:

  • hearing survivor stories
  • having the camp experience
  • networking and socializing with other walkers
  • celebrating with an inspiring opening ceremony and healthy morning stretch

The 3-Day organizers posted a FAQ that indicates that we can register for one of the other 2009 3-day events, if we still want the experience of the walk and camping. I’m thinking of it–specifically, I’m considering the San Diego walk in November, if I can find a cheap flight. We can also register for a 2010 3-Day event, but we still have to raise another $2,300. It was quite a challenge doing that this year–I don’t know if I could do it again.

Minimally, I will walk my 60 miles between Sunday and Wednesday. Yes, that means it will be a 4-day event for me, but that may be the best I can do without friends to walk with and the best I can do indoors on a treadmill—soooo boring!

I may also volunteer to be a crew member for the 2010 Philly 3-Day, so I can have that camp experience.

Any advice or suggestions? What do you all think?

4 responses to “Philly 3-Day

  1. if you get a cheap flight i’ll do it too…

  2. I’d do San Diego – the weather will definitely not be an issue at all. Plus, you want to have the full experience. Don’t feel too disappointed – this was out of your control – no one feels as if you let them down.

  3. forthrightfattie

    I thought I posted this last night, but apparently it didn’t go through. Anyway, I was driving down Broad Street yesterday afternoon and saw some walkers. Rolled down the window and cheered and honked–great job everyone who participated!

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