This bites the big one

Ummm…. has anyone told you that weight loss sucks the big one? Well, it does.
I’ve walked 51 miles (in fact, I’m still sore), had calorie deficits EVERY DAY this past week, and I’m rocking a gain still. I was bare-ass nekkid! I’m logging EVERY SINGLE bite–even the Snickers miniature and peanut butter cup I ate at a campus program last night. I’m drinking lots of fluids, mostly water.
FRIDAY: 612 calorie deficit
SATURDAY: 669 calorie deficit (actually a little more considering I forgot to wear the ‘bugg part of the day)
SUNDAY: 2889 calorie deficit (big walking day!)
MONDAY: broke even (to balance previous day)
TUESDAY: 1787 calorie deficit
WEDNESDAY: 1035 calorie deficit
THURSDAY: 745 calorie deficit
That’s a total of 7735 calorie deficit over the course of the week or 2.25 lbs. Where is it???
A friend noted that my weight gain is probably due to increased glycogen and increased water retention. I hope so, but still… this is SO frustrating.
Another friend said “Tina, step away from the numbers!” She thinks I’m obsessing about the math which is raising my stress level and leading to some not so great results. Very possible, but again, SO frustrating.
I’ve had success before. I’ve lost 55-60lbs. And I’m insanely irritated by my inability to budge an ounce (in the right direction) consistently in the past 2 years. Yes, I’m pretty much maintaining–I go down a pound or two and then up a pound or two. It takes me a month to lose a pound or two but only a week to get it back. If I were at a plateau and needed to give my body a rest, I’d be okay with that. If I were done losing weight, I’d be okay with that. But I’m not.
I know stress is factoring into this. Gotta get those cortisol levels in check. I also need more veggies. And more pure, more “clean” foods.
This weekend is time to re-center myself and set new priorities, especially now that the walk is over (unfortunately, relief at work won’t come til the end of the semester when I finally fill the vacancy I’m covering in addition to my own job). So my priorities this weekend are to:
1. Clear my head as I clean the house tonight, capped off by a bubble bath
2. Finish reading the Jillian Michael’s “Master Your Metabolism” book and create a food plan for the next week.
3. Sleep 8 hours Friday, 8 hours Saturday and at least 7 hours Sunday.
4. Schedule my workouts for next week, including 5 days of cardio, 2-3 weight training sessions and a yoga class.
5. Make WW a priority on Wednesday night.
6. Get the bloodwork done that I was supposed to do last month.
7. Get back on my supplements and metformin. For real.
8. Start holding myself accountable for these little things that may make a significant difference in my weight loss success.
I’m also booking fun and relaxing activities–that is just as important to my overall sense of wellness as my diet and activity level. I just got tickets for Evan and I to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter in Philly on Thursday. Tuesday I have my writer’s group. Also, I’ve booked a mani/pedi for November 5 and a massage for November 16. After the holidays, I’m going to look into a massage package deal at my gym. It will mean less expensive massages but more regular massage dates. (Thanks for that idea, Lisa!!)
The big thing I’m avoiding is going back to the dietician. I really don’t want to do it before the holidays because it’s more difficult to manage specific balances of carb/protein/fat around that time (though I’m very good at sticking in my caloric range). I think it will stress me out more. I also want to finish the Jillian Michael’s book and outline my new food rules based on my reading of Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan so I can work with the dietician more effectively and she can include my values, research and priorities in a new food plan. I’m torn between just peacefully trying to keep a maintenance plan in place until my life calms down and the holidays are over versus declaring an all out war on my body’s resistance to giving up some spare fat cells.
Advice? Suggestions? Thoughts?
They’re all appreciated–even if it resembles a kick in the pants.  

2 responses to “This bites the big one

  1. Give it a couple more days and a lot of water – when I was marathon training, I was regularly up 2-3 lbs two days post long-run and it would go away. You’ve done the equivilant of several long runs!

  2. Love the massage idea! I’m sure that working more de-stressing activities into your life will help your weight loss.

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