Link Love: junk food is heroin and a home-cooking website

I spent a lot of time waiting today:

  • waited nearly an hour to get bloodwork done
  • waited multiple times for various meetings to start (and unfortunately, many were not in my office, where I could busy myself with administrative tasks)
  • I also had time between work and writer’s group, but not enough time to accomplish much of anything–so essentially, I was waiting for the clock to indicate it was time to leave for writer’s group 🙂

An efficient and organized person would have brought work to do in the meantime. Instead, I had my Crackberry and a faster than normal internet connection. Dangerous 🙂

I figured I’d make it useful and share some link love with you.

I’ve been meaning to read David Kessler’s “The End of Overeating” since May when Evan bought me the book for my birthday. Unfortunately, I’ve had far too little reading time. In the meantime, I just read this article citing a study that showed that junk food is as addicting as drugs.  

It’s very interesting. And puts so much into perspective as to why I sometimes use food as a coping mechanism when I’m stressed, tired, angry, frustrated or overwhelmed.  

Also, I found a new blog , called NoTakeout, devoted to quick and easy home cooking. I like that they focus on fresh, seasonal meals and provide simple directions and even a grocery list, supply list and suggested wine/dessert pairings! Their concept is to e-mail you the recipe daily, hopefully inspiring your evening meal, as you can stop by the supermarket and breeze through the express lane with your little list of ingredients.

This blog certainly answers the “what’s for dinner?” question, but I would actually recommend using them for the following week, which will let you better take inventory of what’s in your house and take advantage of sales (although, in theory, the seasonal products should be less expensive or on sale to begin with) or go to your local farm or farmer’s market. I’d also recommend making enough for leftovers so you don’t have to cook every night of the week. Even though I love cooking, I certainly don’t want to do dishes on a daily basis.   Here’s a little about them (from their website):

Welcome to notakeout. Our mission is to provide a complete Menu, an express line friendly Shopping List and a Game Plan to prepare a delicious, seasonal dinner.  Notakeout goes beyond recipe sites by helping you buy and prepare an entire meal, not just a dish – and have fun in the process.

We started this site to help busy people deal with the challenges of modern life and rediscover the simple pleasures of family, friends and a home cooked meal.

When you subscribe to notakeout, you will receive your Menu and Shopping List every weekday morning, Monday through Friday, via email or RSS.  Just take your Shopping List to the grocery store, breeze through the express line and when you get home, follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the Game Plan and before you know it, it’s time to eat!  All our menus are comprised of a variety of fresh seasonal foods, creatively combined to give you healthy meals in a reasonable amount of time.

I haven’t tried any of their recipes yet, but I do intend to sign up for the site or check their menus periodically for new menu ideas. I’m particularly interested in:

  • Pork chops with baked acorn squash and apples
  • Sausage with summer veggies and arugula salad with nectarines
  • Sauteed chicken and potatoes with sage butter
  • Chicken cacciatore and polenta with a big green salad

What are your favorite food and health-related websites or blogs? 

2 responses to “Link Love: junk food is heroin and a home-cooking website

  1. Hi Tina!

    I think you may know that I love both Mark Bittman and Trader Joe’s. So no big surprise that I follow Bitten over at the NYTimes ( and the Cooking with Trader Joe’s blog ( Both of these blogs focus on simple/convenient/real food.

    I recently discovered as well. The author seems to be right up my alley as well…. seasonal, quick, healthy and with the occasional indulgence. Her recipes are more like stories, which makes for an enjoyable read as well. (I’ve seen her post nutritional info with her recipes, too, although not recently).

    Happy browsing!

  2. I’ve definitely been trying out the Bittman and TJ’s recipes! Thanks for the Kafka Veggie Love info and the new blog.

    This weekend, I’m hoping to head to a local organic farm up the road and register for their 2010 CSA before everyone else signs up. *fingers crossed* Sadly, the Trenton Farmer’s market doesn’t have as much produce diversity as I expected.

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