I’d like to thank the Blog-cademy…


Special thanks to the Forthright Fattie for giving me my first blogaward, the Honest Scrap Award! In return, I have to share 10 little-known facts about myself and then nominate 10 of my favorite blogger peeps to do the same.


1. “The Honest Scrap” award must be shared!
2. The recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves.
3. The recipient has to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.
4. Those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given this award.
5. Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them.

So… here goes… all you ever wanted to learn and more about me!

1. I’m an NPR geek, although I don’t listen nearly enough. I love the humor and information I get from Car Talk on weekends and recently developed a crush on “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” for it’s clever news-tainment.

2. I would love to eventually open a family/community health and wellness center that would include a community gym, a clothing swap, cooking lessons and lectures on health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. It would be staffed with trainers, a dietician and a medical professional and would engage professionals in the community in leading educational efforts. I would also like to provide scholarships for underpriviledged familes that would not typically be able to afford this type of wellness resource.

3. I am addicted to magazines. I actually went to college and majored in journalism and minored in sociology and health with the intention to be a writer for women’s magazines, but somehow got off that path. Now, I’ve found other ways to corral my passion for health and wellness writing (this blog for starters), and I instead accumulate magazines faster than I can read them. Currently, I have 4 dozen magazines in various stages of being read. Fortunately, I donate them all to my gym or colleagues when I’m done.  

4. I think people who post their weight on their blog are incredibly brave. The other day, my boyfriend asked me what I weighed (in the context of a conversation about how much more weight I wanted to lose) and I panicked and responded with “I will never, EVER tell you my weight.” Slight overreaction methinks. However, this is also the very reason why I will NEVER apply to be on The Biggest Loser, despite my yearning for Jillian Michaels to kick my chubby little ass.

5. Despite that panic about outing my weight, I have secretly promised myself to tell everyone who will listen what I used to weigh once I get to goal. Because that’s worth bragging about.

6. I want to feel strong and athletic. I don’t need to feel “thin.”

7. My first concert ever was seeing David Bowie’s Sound & Vision tour for my 13th birthday. (I actually saw it twice in three days thanks to generous gifts from my uncle and a friend’s mom.) I was so infatuated with David Bowie–partially due to the movie Labyrinth–that I once told my sister I secretly married the glam rocker. To this day, she still calls me out on that. To this day, I also remember all of the lyrics of “Magic Dance” and even have them as a ring tone when family members call.

8. The closest I’ve ever gotten to rock stardom was filming a lip synching video with my brother, sister and two cousins to the New Kids on the Block hit “Step by Step.” I was wearing the MC Hammer pants I sewed in home ec class. I really, really wanted to do it but you can tell from my very visible stage fright that my 13 year old self just knew it was a bad idea. One of these days, I’m gonna figure out how to convert it and post it on YouTube!

9. When I was 24, I convinced my employers to let me take a month off to travel to Ireland. It was the first time I had traveled to another continent and I did it alone. I researched women’s access to family planning resources and volunteered with various community organizations when Women on Waves came to town and started making waves. The highlight: signing in Tyne Daly for a private tour of the ship. The lowlight: signing in a reporter for Ms. magazine just days after I e-mailed the magazine to pitch the story.

10. I love my job and see tons of opportunity for me as I progress in this field but I also feel a growing need to create some kind of career where I can write and be a health and wellness educator. (I’m accepting resources, advice and referrals!) I am contemplating more education on nutrition and counseling (even though I already have some master’s level counseling classes under my belt) and I am also considering taking a photography class so I can include some pretty and engaging pictures on my blog.

I’m supposed to send this to 10 blog-peeps whose webmusings keep me engaged, informed and/or entertained. I think 10 is a little overwhelming, so my abbreviated list is:

KrissieB at Questions for Dessert

Bella at BellaOnTheBeach

Healthy Loser Girl

(I intend to notify these ladies later today, if they don’t see this post before then.)

Rules for participating: If you chose to accept this award, please copy the above directions, post your list of Top 10 facts and proceed to nominate YOUR fave bloggers!


4 responses to “I’d like to thank the Blog-cademy…

  1. forthrightfattie

    I’m an NPR geek too. My mom and I sometimes have whole conversations that consist of reciting the names of our favorite reporters. Sylvia Pojole! Farai Chedayah!

  2. Heh I need to comment on a few of your truths.

    1- I’m not related to you
    3- bring some home at turkey day for me. 🙂
    4- you’re not big enough to be on biggest loser.. and really do you want to be on a show that doesn’t get your supportive bras? I swear Jillian is going to push a big girl soo hard that at some point a girl with knock herself out. (TBL if you’re reading this get someone to provide better bras in exchange for advertisement)
    6- Me too. I want to feel as strong as I did when I was in college. Lifting starts again when I return from OR.
    7- Correction “once told my sister I was married to David Bowie” to “regularly told my sister I was married to David Bowie”. Mark and I watched Labrynth this weekend and his comment was “hey look it’s your sister’s husband” as soon as he showed up.
    8- Will you post that video on your blog. That way everyone can appreciate the Smiley face shirt while you looked grumpy. Wait. Don’t do that because I’m embarrassed that I was chewing gum the entire time.
    9- I didn’t know that… that sucks.


  3. I am so honored, Tina! : ) Thank you! : )
    I laughed aloud about you being secretly married to David Bowie. Too funny! Your goal of the neighborhood wellness center is so inspiring – what a great plan for any community to have! And – sadly, I’m with you on the magazines… I may have that factoid be one of my 10 things, too. ; ) And how many times have I blurted out “I WILL NEVER tell you my weight!” when someone asks w/out malice! lol It is a gut reaction… what are they thinking asking such a personal thing? lol
    Thanks again! : )

  4. Thanks for the nomination! I’m so flattered.

    This was a great list, and I really learned some interesting things about you.

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