Weekend Wrap Up & Holiday Prep

Woo-hoo! Another week in November has passed and I have survived. Pathetic, eh? Actually, I’m getting quite excited by the upcoming holidays, as evidenced by me sneaking a holiday tunes mix into Evan’s CD player on our way to a concert this weekend. I also plotted a new spot for the Christmas tree, since my home office/library is now taking over the old spot. My Starbucks Christmas mug is out in heavy rotation (whom am I kidding–I use it year round), and I’ve started planning holiday tasks (Christmas cards, homemade gift tags, holiday newsletter, baking projects).

The challenge, as usual? Maintaining my weight through the holidays. Scratch that: this year, I intend to LOSE weight this season.

It’s tough. There are holiday parties, treats and traditions that all serve as time and calorie obstacles that can get in our way. Instead of relying on my old food and fitness tricks, I’ve modified my plan for the holiday season:

  • Shorter, more intense workouts. This will increase my calorie burn in less time, which means more time for holiday parties and craft projects. Also, I’m allowing myself 2-3 days off for every 4-5 days I go to the gym.
  • Holiday meals and parties are often carb-laden calorie traps, so I’m making an increased effort on fitting in lots of veggies and fruits and shrinking my carb intake at meals I make for myself.
  • Make a big batch meal (soup!) for the week. This will limit cooking time. Soups, in particular are filling and can be packed with veggies.
  • Think twice before you bite. Lots of times, the food at holiday parties isn’t even particularly good. Is it even worth it? My biggest challenge this holiday season will be making better food choices at parties–skipping things that really aren’t worth it and even eating a healthy meal in advance so I don’t make bad choices because I’m super-hungry.
  • Water, water, water. Holiday food=lots of extra sodium.
  • Be okay with small losses. How many times have people just tossed in the towel because they didn’t see the loss they wanted on the scale? When I first started losing weight, I had lost 50lbs by Thanksgiving and then was struggling to lose more. I decided that instead of trying to lose weight and instead of quitting altogether, my goal was to maintain through the holidays. I did it and felt more accomplished than I would had I lost weight–it helped me realize that when the dieting was over, I would be able to maintain my weight, no matter what the challenge was in my way. Since I’ve done the maintenance holiday challenge (twice now!), I’m looking for a slightly bigger challenge this year: a half pound loss a week for a total of 4.5 lbs lost between now and New Years.
  • Be mindful of your limits. Don’t overplan and overschedule yourself. I took my own advice on this one this weekend and scratched plans to participate in NaNoWriMo this month.

 How to do keep your weight in check throughout the winter holiday season?

Although my weight was up at WW last week, it seems to be down again this week. I have a healthy meal plan for the week (spaghetti squash, miso soup). I’m also getting back on a fitness routine after taking the last two weeks off due to scheduling issues and back pain.


  • leftover veggie lasagna, broccoli, and LF crock pot chicken marsala
  • 30 min run/walk and TBL yoga DVD


  • shrimp scampi with spaghetti squash & salad
  • 30 min run/walk & weights
  • work meeting at night


  • leftover shrimp scampi, spaghetti squash and salad
  • spin class
  • Weight Watchers


  • miso soup and salad
  • I have a mani/pedi scheduled for tonight!


  • In Nashville for the weekend with Evan & his family.
  • Evan knows me well enough to book a hotel with fitness facilities. My workout clothes are already packed.


  • Life returns to normal for a bit. Today’s plan is simply to catch up on rest, go to my evening massage appointment and get the grocery shopping and meal planning done for the week. Should only need fresh produce.

3 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up & Holiday Prep

  1. forthrightfattie

    Thanks for this post–I’m terrified of the upcoming holidays, but seeing a rational and thoughtful approach reminds me that fear is not productive, and there are things we can do set ourselves up for success.

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