Hello wagon!

Yesterday was my return to the gym after a 2 week lazy-cation. I wasn’t really intending to be lazy, but I needed a break after the 3-Day, I was exhausted from work and personal commitments and my back was giving me an attitude problem.

It’s amazing how good just spending 30-60 minutes on a decent workout feels.

I did a 15 minute wog (1 minute run and 2 minute walking intervals) followed by a 15 minute 3.5mph walk. Then I came home and did a full 30 minutes of intense stretching since my legs, back and feet are tiiiiight!

Now… fast forward to this morning. I am stiff, sore and feel the tension of the achilles tendinitis. Can’t I just be 20 again? Why couldn’t my massage appointment be THIS week instead of next? Oy! I spent a good chunk of time this morning stretching, popped some Aleve, and I am again contemplating twice a week yoga classes for flexibility issues and perhaps even working with a chiropractor for my back. Unfortunately, all of these things add up, money-wise, so they may be after-holiday treats.

Have any of you been to the chiro before? What should I look into when choosing one? Or would a massage therapist be better?


3 responses to “Hello wagon!

  1. Britttttttttttt C

    pilates or yoga after running is the best!

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  3. I was told that with my back issues pilates with a good trainer were the only way to go. Of course since my insurance allows so many PT appointments a year, I have in past years asked my doctor to write a script for me to go. I good PT can be better than a personal trainer for your back and I’ve lost weight and gained shape while going.

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