Pit Stop

Remember that post about being back on the wagon?


Today was stressful. Let’s just say that it involved many cups of coffee, a light lunch of yogurt and apple and ending the day with a glass of wine and the last piece of gingerbread cake. I was at work 8a-5p and 8:30p-10p.

There was no workout. There was a brief nap on the sofa during Jeopardy as I waited for my evening meetings to start. Evening meetings: challenging but potentially rewarding. I think I got to pull my counseling skills out of their little Harry Potter closet, dust them off and send them via owl to Hogwart’s Castle.

I didn’t treat my body horribly (got adequate produce, protein, dairy and water today), but it certainly didn’t take priority. What saved me was packing a good snack (apple/yogurt) and pre-cooking the squash for tonight’s spaghetti squash dinner–otherwise I would have done convenience food for both meals. And let me tell you about the french fry cravings I’ve been having… But I didn’t. I survived. And now I’m going to bed.

I think I’m okay with that.


One response to “Pit Stop

  1. You didn’t eat the french fries = WIN!

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