I took the last plane to Nashville…

Okay… wrong city and wrong mode of transportation, but I took my very first trek to Nashville this weekend to surprise Evan’s grandmother for a belated 90th birthday celebration.

We flew. It was my first time flying Southwest and I quickly fell in love with our snarky flight attendant who instructed us all to buckle our seat belts as tightly as Britney Spears’ pants and reminded everyone that they don’t serve “I don’t know” and “What’s on the menu” when drink service rolls around.

Quite honestly, I’m still pretty tired after the trip, so I thought I’d just offer you a photo essay of my travels.


As we wandered around downtown, we came upon Mr. Richard Allen who serenaded Evan and I with Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and then one of his own songs called "Right One Left." Here he is providing a "Right One Left" encore for Evan's mom.

Although Elvis is actually from Memphis, not Nashville, his likeness is all over town. Evan decided to show Elvis some of his own hip-swiveling moves.

Have I ever told you how much I looooove ice cream?

A pretty view from our trolley tour.

Another pretty trolley tour view.

While waiting for Grandma Bea & the rest of the family to arrive, we chatted up our waiter, Mr. Sethrey Lee. (Seriously, he goes by Seth, but he said his name is actually Sethrey, as in Jeffrey.) Seth moved from Oregon to Nashville to be a country music star and is working on recording his album, but doesn't have any songs released yet. Evan wanted a pic of the two of them so he could say we knew Seth before he was famous!

The lady of the weekend! Grandma Bea!

Oh yeah… and our hotel room. Evan got the best deal ever for a hotel just 2 miles from downtown: the Millenium Maxwell House. We paid $65/night even though the regular prices were much, much higher than that. The hotel was packed with Kentucky football fans.


Now, time for my OWN bed!


4 responses to “I took the last plane to Nashville…

  1. mom will be happy to see you guys slept in seperate beds.. 😉

  2. Looks fab! Grandma looks awesome! as does her cake… did you have some? beds look COMFY did you bounce from bed to bed?

  3. Ha ha…. we SHOULD have slept in separate beds as they were only full-sized. I think I spent most of the night with Evan’s elbow smashed into my kidney. Otherwise, the beds were extremely comfortable and our view from the hotel was of the Nashville skyline!

    And, of course, I had cake. It was a flourless chocolate cake from Trader Joe’s.

  4. We actually put both beds together and roamed the hotel room by bouncing and rolling from one side to the other! Oh wait, that was just the random thought i had that i never expressed to Tina for fear of an intense staring session ending with her head bobbing in disappointment.

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