An indulgent month…

Nope, I’m not talking about food–I’m referring to my “treats” to reward myself for tolerating extra responsibilities at work, walking the 3-Day and meeting my fundraising goal. These treats included:

  • massage
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • a trip to Nashville
  • haircut (okay… that one was a necessity!)

And the grand finale was seeing Ani Difranco in concert in Philly tonight. I think this is the seventh time I’ve seen her in the past 15 years, but she never ceases to amaze me. Of course, my experience was no different this time. On multiple occasions, I found myself covered in goosebumps as she performed one of my favorite songs or had particularly impactful lyrics on her newer songs. Usually, I’m impatient with new music. At concerts, I can’t focus–I’m bored and I typically think it ruins the groove of the show. When I get a new CD, I listen to the first few seconds of it, fast foward to the chorus and then skip to the next track until I finish scanning the album. Only then can I give it a full listen. I just don’t have patience with new music the first time I hear it.

Ani played a LOT of new songs tonight: at least half a dozen out of a 21 song set. And I lovvvved them. Some lyrics:

“…if you’re not happier as you get older/then you’re fuckin’ up…”

“…every time I open my mouth, I take off all of my clothes…”

And a song about the day after the last presidential election. I can’t remember the lyrics but her introduction to the song went a little something like this:

“Even the leftists are complaining that it’s been a year and things aren’t fixed yet. Well I think that undersells democracy. Obama is an open door. Now it’s time to fix shit together.”

So now it’s time to start fixing shit. But, first, a set list.


1. Anticipate

2. Jet Lag

3. Providence

4. a new song… possibly called “Balance

5. Coming Up

6. All This

7. November 5 (new!)

8. New song

9. Smiling Underneath

10. New song (about getting hitched)

11. Present Infant

12. New song

13. New song

14. Fire Door

15. New song

16. Recoil

17. Swan Dive

18. New song

19. Which Side Are You On (a 1930s union song that she originally sang for Pete Seger’s 90th Birthday Concert)


20. Both Hands

21. Hypnotized

BTW, Dear Ani–

Any time you want to play this:


(Deanne & I were at this show!!!)

and this:

I’d really, really appreciate it!




2 responses to “An indulgent month…

  1. Those are nice treats! 🙂

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