Just a few hours ago, I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership. I couldn’t justify the $40 a month, when I’m already spending $50-something on my gym membership and not really using the program. Essentially, I go to meetings and WI. I don’t use the online resources or follow the point system because for me, points make it too easy to cheat and stock my diet with processed foods and “diet” foods and make is less easy to see if I have a well-balanced diet with an appropriate mix of healthy fats, lean proteins and complex or whole grain carbs.

That said, you’ve probably noticed a new little widget on the top right hand corner of my blog. That, my friends, is accountability. I am not bold enough and humble enough to share my weight with you, but I certainly can share my weight loss and I will do so every Friday on WI day. And if that number doesn’t continue to consistently grow over the next few weeks and months, call me out on it. I dare you!

That said, I may still consider support groups in the area. I’m going to a TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) meeting tomorrow evening. It seems like it will be less expensive and should give me what I want and need–accountability and in-person support group–without all the bells and whistles (and without the marketing of those stupid one point bars which make ME gag but seem to give all the other ladies soy-lecithin-fueled orgasms). I’ll be sure to report back.

3 responses to “Accountability

  1. weightwatchersforone

    Good luck with TOPS! I think that if you aren’t using the program than that is crazy to pay that much money. I have a few coworkers who do WW and weigh in but dont stay for the meetings… everyone is different, but i could never justify spending $40/wk just to have someone weigh me! I know that it holds you accountable but i still find i’m succesful because of the meetings!

    Also the blogworld is a great place to help hold you accountable.. you don’t want to let us, and more importantly YOU down!

  2. weightwatchersforone

    i meant $40/month.. woops!

  3. I like your plans, especially for the accountability.

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